B550 Vision D first to get Thunderbolt 3 certifications

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - August 28th, 2020
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The Gigabyte B550 VISION D is a new motherboard designed to work with AMD Ryzen processors, which was exclusively designed with features and hardware technology that appeals to content creators, has become the first and the world-only Thunderbolt 3 technology-supported AMD B550 motherboard.

For those wondering about Thunderbolt 3 and why you would want it, it’s really fast and can be used for pretty much everything. It looks like the same USB Type-C plug we all know from our phones and laptops, but, as a single cable solution, it can send very high resolution images to a display, or several, and rapidly access a data device.

B550 VISION D equips two sets of USB Type-C™ interfaces with 40Gb/s transfer speed and is compatible with both PC and MAC platforms, very useful for anyone working as part of a team. Graphic designers can daisy chain in a range of drawing tablets, big screens and storage for more detailed discussion and prompt modification of collaborative works.

That Thunderbolt 3 is really nice, but it’s not all this excellent motherboard has going for it. The Gigabyte hardware design is unique with quality materials used, including enhanced power design, optimised thermal solutions, dual Intel gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 to provide the high-speed network experience creators need.

Picture of rear IO on Gigabyte B550 Vision D Motherboard

DTS:X Ultra supports channel-based, scene based, and object-based audio. It’s capable of delivering a premium entertainment experience by completely surrounding the listener and expanding the sound stage to create a more immersive environment, taking movies, music, and interactive gaming experiences to an exciting new level.

Picture of AMD B550 Motherboard with TB3 at PB Tech

In order to provide content creators with the most completed TB3 experience, the Gigabyte motherboard team integrated a Titan Ridge Thunderbolt3 IC from the beginning of product development, a decision that differs from the expansion solution of others. competitors. With premium materials and eye-catching sophisticated design, it certainly has appeal in the industry.

Via Jackson Hsu, Director of the Product Development Division; “In recent years, you can find that PC products exclusively designed for content creators are increasingly launched in the market, and expecting to take a share beyond the gaming market. We realized the key factor is to offer the precise function that creators need, Gigabyte has conducted on creator motherboards for several years, from the previous Designare series to the latest Vision D series product line, we phase in the Thunderbolt function which is very important to content creators. Inheriting the features of multicores, optimized performance, and ultimate transfer speed, B550 VISION D takes the lead to pass Intel Thunderbolt 3 certifications which represents Gigabyte’s preceding technology and developments truly benefit the consumers.”

This B550 supports ECC memory for instant error-checking and correcting. Moreover, when paired with Quadro graphics card, B550 VISION D presents itself as the ideal solution. Creators who are eager for more precise, more competitive, more speedy data access should be considering the Gigabyte B550 VISION D motherboard.

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