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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 20th, 2023
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What are the best PC cases to use for your next Gaming PC build? Well, it's complicated but we've been busy checking out the largest range of PC Cases available today in New Zealand and even busier watching friends build some of the coolest systems inside them. All this building has resulted in finding some really exceptional chassis options, and from these favourites amongst the massive range.

Quick List! Top 5 Gaming PC Cases

  1. Lian Li PC-011D EVO
  3. Phanteks G360A
  4. Cooler Master H500M
  5. Corsair 4000D

For this list, we’ve focused on the Gaming PC chassis that fit full sized ATX motherboard options, excluding those dedicated to small mATX and ITX motherboard sizes as these deserve a top 5 all to themselves.

Our top PC case list focuses on those which offer a top-notch building experience and give us superior value for money. Many of the most popular PC chassis available today are part of a series, each with similar versions that cater to a PC builder and their specific need by changing panels to improve thermal performance, or coming pre-fitted with a range of RGB lighting, so whenever possible we've included quick links to those along with our favourite picks.

Let's get started!

1. Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo

The Lian Li Dynamic range is much beloved, flattered by imitations and impersonations from other top brands trying to compete. 

The O11 Dynamic Evo is their latest dual chamber chassis, it offers flexible configuration options so you can build your rig just how you like it. It comes in various colour options and you can build with the confidence as this one is sure to look fantastic no matter what you put inside of it.

This is a large dual chamber chassis, and you’ll certainly appreciate that when you start building in it. This case is spatially very well optimised, giving you plenty of room in regards to what components you’d like to use, and where you can place them.

The O11D Evo has awesome cooling potential with space to accommodate triple 360mm radiators with a 120mm on the back.  This is just with the base chassis too, there are optional mod kits that allow you to mount your GPUs upright or vertically, the upright GPU kit also allows users to move their water-cooled GPU right next to the motherboard - it does look a bit odd with the PCIe extension cables, but it's certainly interesting.

If you need a lot of storage, you're in the right place. And when we say a lot, we mean a lot, this case supports up to 9x SSDs, or 6 HDDs & 3x SSDs.

There are also mounting points for a 60mm fan on the hard drive cage in the second chamber, so you can rest easy even if you’re planning on working those drives hard. These storage mounting points are easily accessible too, great for when you upgrade in the future, or if even 9 slots isn’t enough for you.

As you would expect from Lian Li, the cable management is effortless and best in class. It's conveniently hidden away on the other side of the dual-chamber to keep the cables out of site and your case looking tidy

Lian Li has really gone all out to make sure you can get this case looking just how you want it to.  They've clearly sweated the small stuff, that aRGB lighting strip has 7 built-in lighting effects that can be controlled with the M button the front panel, and an 8th mode allows you to enable motherboard software or L-Connect control. Relocatable I/O ports means you have 3 different locations to choose from, and this can be adjusted without the need for any tools!

Looking to build in a mid-tower, high quality dual chamber case? Look for the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo in the Lian Li Store!


Next up is the stunning new version of NZXT H5 FLOW, an ATX mid-tower that could be perfect for your next build.

Well-engineered airflow, multiple fan filters, a front panel USB-C connector and tempered glass side panel construction are just some of the key features you’ll get. The H5 FLOW also includes two F-Series Quiet 120mm fans.

The H5 FLOW design is pretty specific as to what you should build with, for example we can’t use 360mm radiators when building in the H5 FLOW, the maximum fitting is 280mm on the front, with some clearance for top mounted radiator kits using the 2x 120mm slots. This is a limitation unique to the H5 series, the NZXT do have a larger H7 FLOW which gives us full length 360mm radiator support in front or top, with a great cutaway on the front PSU shield that allows for some rather fat options to be fitted in a push/pull configuration.

You'll also want to use a motherboard that has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 header, so it can work with the front IO USB Type-C on the chassis. If you're thinking about upgrading into a new chassis and don't have the header needed you can either go without, or consider the NZXT H511 FLOW, it's a tad smaller and comes without the front-panel USB-C connector so it's less expensive to build with, and replaces the IO spot with a common USB 3.0 Type-A port.

Picture of NZXT H5 FLOW Custom Gaming PC Build

The new NZXT lineup features the elements builders loved in the original H Series, including the patented NZXT cable management system, removable fan/radiator mounting brackets, easy-to-use drive trays, and a tempered glass side panel that installs with a single thumbscrew.

The ecosystem of NZXT products is growing, and this NZXT H5 FLOW is just one of many minimalist designs that are available in the NZXT Store today!

3. Phanteks G360A

The Phanteks G360A series offers a high airflow option for improved cooling performance with its full metal mesh front panel. Through engineering improvements the Phanteks team have been able to make a new chassis option that gives users some of the best possible thermal performance, while still keeping dust from entering the system, thanks to the ultra-fine front panel design.

Although it’s pretty much all perforated, the front panel is still very durable with steel used, so it won't flex easily and you can't accidentally put a finger through it. Phanteks have also kept the pull-away design we loved from the P400 too, making assembly super easy.

There are G-Series case versions available in black or white, with or without fans included. If you do get yourself the D-RGB Fan versions you’ll have 3x 120mm pre-installed behind the front panel. These are connected to the chassis and can be controlled with buttons on the top IO. With one button you can switch between a range of colours, a simple long press turns the LED off while leaving the fans running. Another button can be used to adjust fan effects and patterns.

Surprisingly the G350A D-RGB chassis doesn’t include a rear 120mm fan, something to remember if you're wanting an optimal config.

Should you want to connect these fans to your motherboard you can, just make sure it’s got the needed 3-pin 5v D-LED header for this and uses the software suites listed as compatible, in this case it’s with Asus Aura, Gigabyte Aorus RGB FUSION, MSi Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome Sync and Razer Chroma, so pretty much everything! The fans included with the G360A case have cables for the Phanteks D-LED connected by default, so all you need to do is connect the SATA power and D-RGB 3-pin cable to your motherboard, install the software and then you’ll be good to go!

Picture of Phanteks G360A Custom PC Build at PB Tech

The Phanteks G360A is super popular worldwide, and there's a smaller version named the P300A too that's incredibly good too, and a new G500A range that offers even more cooling performance with three 140mm fans used.

So many great options, see all the latest chassis in the Phanteks store today!

4. Cooler Master H500

Coming in as our number #4 pick is the H500 series from Cooler Master, be it H500(P) in gunmetal or white, H500(M) in dark grey, or the straight up H500 in black… it’s a PC Chassis with more variants than most, but rest assured the CM H500 in any form is a pretty good choice for the highest end gaming PC configurations, and whichever one you get, it’s an absolute joy to build in because of the way it pulls apart!

All H500 models have two massive 200mm fans in the front, with the latest versions these are addressable LED kinds so we can customise the colours in new ways. The iconic large fans are the core of the H-Series in design and function, capable of operating quietly while moving high volumes of air due to their size.

There are little differences between the models available but the most important for most will be from the H500(M) and H500 versions, and their included ultra fine mesh front panel option, so you can choose between using a mesh front panel for better airflow or the glass option for aesthetics!

Looking at the H500(P) specifically there are transparent panels on the side, front and top to showcase all the awesome components inside. A single latch on the large side window panel makes it very easy to remove. Likewise with the top window panel for the cooling, it’s held in place with an easy to access thumbscrew.

Picture of H500P Custom Gaming PC Build

The H500(M) has glass panels on both sides, so be sure your cable management game is strong if you’re going with this one! It does include a shield to hide some of the larger ones though, like the 24-Pin or GPU 6+2-Pin cables.

With support for massive water cooling radiators and those included 200mm fans, the H500 series from Cooler Master is definitely worth checking out, check out the full range of Cases in the Cooler Master Store today!

5. Corsair 4000D

Corsair have done such a good job with their recent cases it's hard to choose our favourite for the spot, but the excellent Corsair 4000D chassis wins thanks to the balanced price, superb cable management, high airflow design and high build quality - it's an excellent case.

The steel front panel delivers massive airflow to your system in a simple boxey design we love, with that nice Corsair pattern design on the vents. That dash of prismatic styling pops just right, subtle for sure but just enough to give us a gaming feel.

A spacious interior fits up to six 120mm or four 140mm fans for optimal cooling, along with the ability to fit water cooling radiators, 360mm in front and 280mm up top. Complete with a modern front I/O panel including a USB-C port, the 4000D makes great cooling and clean looks easier than ever.

Speaking of clean looks, inside you'll find a PSU shield fitted to help hide those messy cable connectors, while also separating the PSU heat from the rest of the internal system. Detachable dust filters make for easy cleaning with a quick, simple rinse. Anti-vibration rubber feet complete a solid design with minimum noise.

Picture of Corsair 4000D Custom Gaming PC build

The Corsair 4000D a great case available at a great price, and a perfect way to end to our quick top five!

These are just a small selection from our massive PC component range on offer in NZ, and if seeing all these awesome chassis has you feeling excited about a new build, be sure to check out the Custom PC Building Tool at PB Tech which has all these options loaded and many, many more!

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