Capturing the acoustics: How to set up a room for optimum audio

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - April 9th, 2015
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Modern speakers offer more depth, clarity and power than those developed just a few years ago. Investing in a new sound system is always a solid choice - especially if you're a bit of an audiophile.

However, did you know that you could be limiting the effect of your latest purchase if the acoustics aren't quite right? Most people don't consider exactly where they're going to place any speakers until after they've purchased them, meaning that any room they go into may not be optimised for sound.

If you're looking to get a more encompassing audio experience, here's how you should set up a room that high-end speakers are housed:

Consider the seating

Are you establishing your audio system with one-on-one online gaming battles in mind, or are you looking to enjoy the latest blockbusters with a group of friends? The answer will give you a better idea of how many seats you need, and where the furniture should be positioned.

Any set-up which has a number of speakers - like the Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound system - will need to have one focal point. If you're planning on spending a lot of time entertaining others, make this a couch.

However, if you want to keep your new speakers to yourself and create a truly immersive environment, have a single seat in the middle of the room with the speakers positioned around it. This will create a bubble of sound and provide the best results.

Work the room

While the seating is one thing, the majority of rooms that aren't set up for audio will have a number of features that are ready and waiting to sap the power of your new system.

Typically, sharp angles and edges are the worst because they can limit how sound waves reverberate.

The corners of the room - where two points of sound absorption effectively meet - need to be shielded the most. As for the floor, if you have a variety of rooms to choose from when placing your new sound system, go for the one with the thickest carpets. These can absorb higher frequencies really effectively and are a simple fix that will only take a moment to consider.

While investing in extensive soundproofing can quickly get expensive, think about how your existing furniture can help develop the most optimum environment. Anything soft and plush is great and will help in creating a better area for music, films or video games alike.

A new system is typically a sound investment, but you can add even more value to your new purchase if you really consider the acoustics before cranking up the volume.

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