Ten Benefits of an eReader That Will Make You Consider Buying One...

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated June 9th, 2023
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eReaders have revolutionised the way we read and interact with books, offering a convenient and portable alternative to traditional print. These sleek devices - equipped with high-resolution screens and these days, pretty advanced features - have become a beloved companion for bookworms, students, and professionals alike; and offer a modern twist to the reading experience. With their ability to store thousands of books in a compact form factor, adjustable font sizes, and easy access to digital libraries, e-readers provide a versatile and personalised reading experience. Whether you're immersed in a gripping novel, studying for an exam, or exploring new topics, eReaders offer a gateway to an expansive world of knowledge and imagination, all at your fingertips. You can now have an entire bookstore in your backpack! 

We've only briefly touched on the advantages of an eReader so far. If you're a bibliophile and still haven't considered one, there are plenty more amazing benefits to take note of. Some of which, just aren't possible with print books. Here are some of the key benefits of an e-Reader:

1. Portability - Read anywhere and everywhere

If you're a book worm, you probably love the idea of being able to read anywhere, everywhere, andwhenever the urge arises! You might even want to have multiple books with you at a time so you can read whatever you're in the mood for. Using an eReader makes this a reality. eReaders are lightweight and compact, allowing you to carry an entire library of books in a single device.

You can take your eReader anywhere, making it convenient for travel or commuting. Most modern eReaders are also water resistant, meaning you can even read them in the bath or by the poolside!

2. Storage Capacity - Never run out of books to read or space

As touched on with our previous point, using an eReader can make it simple to have an entire book collection in one sleek and portable device. Not only can this save room in your backpack but it frees up space in your home too! Serious bookworms will understand - having a vast collection of books is one thing but finding the space to store them can quickly present a big problem.

The majority of eReaders have the capacity to hold over 1,000 books, meaning that you can vastly grow your collection without cluttering up your living space. And then, you can easily access your entire library with a few taps or clicks - from anywhere in the world!

3. Adjustable Font Size & E-Ink - Easy on the eyes

eReaders allow you to customise the font size and sometimes, even the style, making it easier to read for people with visual impairments or those who prefer a specific font. You can adjust the text to your comfort level, enhancing the reading experience. If you struggle to read small print, you no longer have to strain your eyes to get through a book!

Additionally, eReaders typically use e-ink or electronic paper display technology, which mimics the appearance of ink on paper. E-ink displays are easy on the eyes, as they don't emit glare or strain your eyes, making them more comfortable for extended reading sessions. What further enhances that, is what is known as a paperwhite screen that eReaders use - this has been aesthetically designed to look like the genuine pages of a physical book.

4. Backlit or Frontlit Display - Read in the dark

Many eReaders have built-in front lights or backlit displays, enabling you to read in low-light conditions without requiring an external light source. This feature is particularly useful for nighttime reading or reading in dimly lit environments. Just another feature that adds a tonne of convenience (no more getting up to turn off the light after some bedtime reading) and continues to make reading anywhere and everywhere possible!

Most eReaders will also allow you to adjust the colour temperature of the back or front light which is awesome. If you're reading at night for example, you'll want to use a warmer light so that it doesn't disrupt your sleep cycle. 

5. Battery Life - Read without interruption

While some people will opt to use a tablet to read eBooks, eReaders simply have a host of advantages with one of the primary ones being battery life. eReaders have a very impressive other electronic devices. Depending on usage, a single charge can last for weeks or even months, allowing you to read without worrying about frequent recharging. That means for the most part, you'll enjoy uninterrupted reading and should be able to get through multiple books before you need to re-charge!

The Kindle Paperwhite for example, has up to 10 weeks of battery life! That's more than enough to last you the length of a typical vacation. And better yet, it's Qi certified so if you have a Qi Wireless Charger, re-charging this eReader is super easy and convenient. 

6. Annotation and Highlighting - Take note of what hits

eReaders enable you to highlight text and bookmark pages digitally. This feature is beneficial for anyone who wants to keep track of important passages or make notes without marking physical books. There are premium eReaders that offer even more features in this area taking it to a new level. eReaders like the Kindle Scribe also lets you add notes to eBooks, annotate and markup documents, and create and organise entire notebooks for digital notetaking; the Kobo Elipsa 2E lets you do all of this, as well as annotate, markup and write notes directly onto your eBooks! 

7. Environmental Friendliness - Less impact on the environment

E-readers contribute to a more sustainable reading experience. By reducing the demand for paper books, they help conserve natural resources and minimise the carbon footprint associated with book production, distribution, and disposal. Brands like Kobo take it one step further by being environmentally-conscious in the manufacturing of their eReaders.

Kobo is dedicated to using certified recycled materials whenever possible in its eReaders, while still meeting the technical requirements needed to provide an unparalleled eReading device. The exterior of the Elipsa 2E consists of over 85% recycled plastic, including 10% ocean-bound plastic, which is discarded waste that would otherwise end up in our oceans. 

8. Accessibility - Caters to diverse reading needs

eReaders often offer accessibility features such as text-to-speech, allowing visually impaired individuals to listen to books. They may also include features like adjustable contrast, screen magnification, or dyslexia-friendly fonts to cater to diverse reading needs.

9. Online Integration - Digital libraries and bookstores

eReaders provide seamless integration with digital libraries and online bookstores, giving you access to a vast collection of e-books. You can browse, purchase, and download books directly onto your e-reader, expanding your reading options instantly.

10. Cost Savings - More books for less!

If you're a true bookworm, in the long run, you end up saving money when you buy an eReader. eBooks are typically cheaper than print books and if you end up going with an Amazon Kindle, you'll get to make the most of the frequent sales an Kindle eBooks. If you go with a Kobo eReader, you'll enjoy the perk of OverDrive - an awesome feature that lets you borrow eBooks for free from participating local libraries!

Should you buy an eReader?

While eReaders offer numerous advantages, it's important to note that personal preferences may vary. Some individuals still prefer the tactile experience and aesthetic appeal of physical books. Ultimately, whether an eReader is great for you depends on your reading habits, preferences, and lifestyle.

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