4 cool things you didnt realise you could do with your tablet

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - February 9th, 2015
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So you've bought a flash new tablet - perhaps an iPad Air or a new Samsung Galaxy Tab3? Now you're probably wondering just what cool things you can do with it!

Obviously you can use your table to surf the web, Skype with friends, and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. But what other neat little tricks is your brand new gadget capable of? Here are four cool things you probably didn't realise you could do with your tablet.

Use it as an e-reader

e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook are becoming incredibly popular alternatives to clunky, paper-and-ink books. Not only do they allow you to carry around a library's worth of classic novels and biographies, but e-readers also allow you to interact with your book in unexpected ways - such as by searching the web for unfamiliar terms and phrases.

The good news is that your tablet can also double as an e-reader, thanks to official apps that give you access to streamlined digital book collections such as the Kindle library.

Although your tablet won't quite be as easy on the eyes as a proper e-reader, which are designed for long periods of intensive reading, it will serve as a useful alternative that's great for the morning commute or lazy afternoons around the home.

Record a hit album

Ready to finally fulfil your music potential and record that number one hit album you've been mulling over? Now's your chance!

You might scoff, but some pretty famous industry bigwigs have already used tablets to produce some amazing music. Damon Alburn of the bands Blur and Gori​llaz used his iPad to record a full-length album while touring, calling on commercially available apps such as AmpliTube for iPad and StudioMini XL Recording Studio.

Stream video to your TV

Tablets are great for watching video, particularly while on the go. However, sometimes you might find yourself wishing you could stream media from your tablet straight to your big screen TV.

Fortunately, companies like Apple and Google have been hard at work making this as easy as possible. Your best option is probably the Google Chromecast - a clever little USB-like device that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, and allows you to wirelessly transmit video from apps like Netflix between your tablet and television. How cool is that?

Cook a fantastic meal

Now that you've polished off the latest Hunger Games book, recorded your debut synthpop release, and watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black on your TV, you're probably feeling a bit famished and in need of a good meal.

Well you're in luck, because your tablet can help turn you from a kitchen amateur into a full fledged master chef overnight.

Just download one of the many recipe library apps that are available - both free or paid - from the App or Google Play stores. If you get stuck on a certain technique, fire up YouTube and allow an expert to talk you through the process. Bon appetit!

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