The Best Ways to Use a Tablet for Work and Study

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated December 5th, 2023
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Navigating the world of work or study digitally is no longer optional. Luckily, we're blessed with gadgets like tablets that can really enhance the way we work. Roll back a few years, and tablets were still pretty niche, fascinating yet obscure. Flash forward to now and they've morphed into must-haves for tech savvy consumers and business users, transforming work and study spaces with their productivity-boosting powers. You might be wondering, "Can a tablet add that much value to my workflow or even replace my laptop?" The answer is YES (if used right). 

A survey conducted by Tech Pro Research in 2014 found that 59%  of employers around the globe supported tablets in the workplace. Organisations that cater to tablet use are so convinced of their value that they have dedicated part of their budget towards these devices, with 45% of tablet-friendly businesses in the survey purchasing tablets to provide to employees. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages and uses for Tablets in work and study!

1. Digital Note-Taking

Picture of Digital Notetaking with GoodNotes
Picture of Digital Notetaking with GoodNotes

Taking notes digitally saves paper (and trees!). Apps like GoodNotes, Notability or OneNote make it easy to jot down thoughts, organise them, and even search through your handwritten notes. If you’re a visual learner who happens to be a bit of a perfectionist, this may be a godsend for you, as you can erase things, add/remove drawings, diagrams and annotations, and organise your notes with ease. Most tablets have a detachable keyboard available (purchased separately) so you can combine typing and writing. If you’re sick of messy unorganised notes or losing useful information amongst all of your different notebooks, digital note-taking using a trusty tablet might be the solution for you! We talk more about digital note taking here.

2. Conduct Presentations

Picture of Tablet in presentation
Picture of Tablet in presentation

Relying on heavy, clunky laptops for presentations can be a hassle. Although these devices are excellent for putting together slideshows and reports, they’re not as great as a presentation tool. With a tablet, not only can you create your presentations on them, but you can also present from them. If you’re in a small meeting, you can present directly from the tablet and even annotate and brainstorm as you’re doing so. Otherwise, the tablet can be connected with whatever display tools are available with ease. And because they’re not as heavy or clunky as laptops, you can hold onto the tablet as you present, giving you easy control over your presentation. 

3. Planning & Productivity

Using a Tablet for Digital Planning
Picture of a Digital Calendar on a Tablet

Tablets have become all the craze for digital planning! Staying organised is a tap away and productivity is the name of the game. Apps like Notion, Trello, Asana or GoodNotes on your tablet effortlessly manage projects, plan schedules, and track your progress. Trying to juggle a dozen tasks? No sweat! A visual workflow lays them all out so you'll never drop the ball. Set goals, hit deadlines, or sync team assignments - it's your virtual productivity playground. As for unplanned tasks or inspirations? A quick note on apps like Keep or OneNote and it's saved for later. You can also sync your tablet with a digital calendar for timely reminders of submission deadlines or meetings.

4. E-Books and Digital Documents

Picture of document on tablet
Picture of document on tablet

Backaches from lugging around a bag full of books (and even a laptop) are history. With e-books, thousands of pages fit into the weightless cloud. With a tablet, you can have hundreds (and even thousands) of e-books, articles, reports, and other documents right at your fingertips. With a stylus in hand, you can even annotate and write notes as you read. Additionally, you can also reduce print costs. Printing documents and leaflets everyday can be a significant expense. Although having this information on hand may be essential during presentations and meetings, is it really worth the expense of paper and printing toner? Encourage sending reading material in a digital format, which can be accessed via individual tablets as necessary. 

5. Point of Sale

Picture of Tablet as a point of sale system in cafe
Picture of tablet as a point of sale system in hairdressers

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular amongst small business owners. You no longer need to splash out on a big, clunky point of sale system that takes up the entire counter space. For a sleek and savvy solution, get yourself a tablet. Not only do they save precious counter space but they can also bring a modern edge to your business. With plenty of POS apps available for tablets, small business owners can handle sales, returns, and inventory at the tap of a screen. Transactions will be smooth and swift - a quick swipe or tap, and customers are good to go. Tablets as POS are small in size yet big on benefits - a perfect match for small retailers and service-based businesses.

6. Convenience and Portability

Picture of person using tablet
Picture of person using tablet

The lightweight design and compact size of a tablet makes it an awesome portable sidekick. Whether you’re running between classrooms, commuting, or globe-trotting for business - take your work and study hub with you in a slim and light form factor. Pair your tablet with a detachable keyboard and stylus and embrace the flexibility of checking emails at the café, reviewing documents on the train, or sketching designs at the park - it becomes your office-on-the-go. Plus, it's perfect for those spontaneous bursts of creativity or last-minute cramming sessions. Farewell, bulky backpacks and hello, hassle-free productivity. With tablets, convenience and portability mesh together like peas in a pod. 

7. Second Screen

Picture of tablet as a second screen
Picture of tablet as a second screen

Tablets make an awesome companion device in more ways than one. Need to maintain ultimate productivity while on-the-go? This unassuming device transforms into a powerful second screen allowing you to make the most of a dual screen setup from wherever you are. Be it sharing documents, referencing work, or firing off emails while your main screen tackles resource-heavy tasks, your productivity gets a super boost. Apps like Duet Display and Sidecar make this connection seamless. It's like having a two-monitor setup without the bulk or cost. And let's not forget how it can step in as a dedicated video conferencing screen or as a digital notepad during brainstorming sessions. So, unlock the second screen magic with your tablet. Double the screens, double the productivity - it’s a win-win!

8. App It Up

Whether you're team iOS, Android, or even Windows, there's an application for virtually any task. Productivity-boosters like Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Notion make note-taking, presentations and collaborative work hassle-free. Apps like Duolingo or Coursera can help supplement learning. But remember: it's not Candy Crush time, it's crunch time. To maximise productivity, we recommend keeping any potentially distracting apps off your tablet and on your phone. This includes social media apps such Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Tablets offer so many benefits as a companion device and even as a main device for work and study. Not sure what tablet to purchase? Check out our Top Tablets of 2023 or the Best iPad to Buy in 2023. Don't forget to purchase some Tablet Accessories to get the most out of your Tablet (e.g. a stylus and keyboard cover).

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