Going hands-free - what are your options?

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 24th, 2014
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It's important to keep your eyes glued to the road when driving, but it can also be necessary to access route guidance and answer calls as they come in - especially if you're working. This is where hands-free technology comes into play, whether it's a mount or Bluetooth hands-free kit. Let's take a look at the best possible options for your car.

Windscreen mounts

While dedicated GPS devices were once the only option for route guidance in a car, smartphones have quickly become the superior choice.

By purchasing a windscreen mount, you can attach a smartphone or tablet and get route guidance right from an application like Google Maps.

What's more, many map applications are also free.

For voice, simply download an in-car app or use the loudspeaker function on your phone.

Hands-free units

These devices are the best option when you want to keep your phone in your pocket while on the road. They attach to the sun visor and beam calls from your phone.

They essentially offer similar functionality to what you'll find in a brand new car, with the Bluetooth seamlessly connecting to either Android, Windows Phone or iPhone devices.

Many units even enable you to sync two phones simultaneously, perfect if you use both a work and personal phone.

Units with audio

If you'd like to also beam music from a hands-free set, it could be a good idea to purchase an FM unit. These plug into your phone, and stream music over a radio signal that your car can pick up on - perfect if you don't have an auxiliary port.

Pop into PB Tech today to take a look at our massive range of hands-free options for your vehicle. We've also got a huge range of smartphone accessories with everything from mobile battery packs to new cases.

It's far easier to answer calls and get turn-by-turn directions directly from a mobile application with a capable hands-free unit.

Hands-free is necessary to stay safe while driving.

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