Smart Rings: A New Era of Wearable Smart Tech Is Here...

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - January 11th, 2024
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Wearable smart technology has been on the rise for the past decade with the introduction of devices like fitness trackers and smart watches. These became popular due to their ability to track health and fitness metrics, and later, for their integration with smartphones to provide notifications, control media playback, and carry out other tasks without needing to physically handle a phone.

Now, a new era of wearable smart tech is dawning, with a new entrant to the space that aims to condense this technology into an even more discreet and convenient form. Embodied in the sleek, unobtrusive design of a ring, the Smart Ring seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible, offering everything from media playback control and fitness and health tracking—all from a tiny elegant device that fits on your finger. 

Introducing a smart ring designed for an active lifestyle…

If you’re looking for a Smart Ring in New Zealand, one of the options you’ll come across is the HiFuture Future Ring. Released earlier this year, the Future Ring combines seamless control functions, 5ATM waterproof rating, and a nano-ceramic fashion design with advanced technological features, to provide a cutting-edge experience.

The Future Ring is designed for an active lifestyle, measuring metrics such as Heart Rate, Calories, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, Recovery, Body Temperature, and more, so you can take charge of your health and fitness journey. 5ATM waterproof technology means you can keep this smart ring on whether you’re diving, swimming, washing your hands, or taking a bath. It’s designed to withstand water immersion up to 50 metres. 

Picture of HiFuture FutureRing Smart Ring
Designed for an active lifestyle, measuring a range of health & fitness metrics.
Picture of HiFuture FutureRing Smart Ring
Intuitive gesture controls makes navigating third-party apps a breeze.

The Future Ring features seamless, intuitive gesture controls that make it super useful for a range of other functions too. With its control functions, you can effortlessly navigate media (such as videos or music) and play, pause, and skip with ease; swipe through pages or scroll through content as you read; snap photos and videos with a press gesture; seamlessly navigate through slideshow presentations, and more! 

This smart ring offers a pretty impressive battery life of up to 7 days. That’s better than most smart watches and on par with many fitness trackers, only packed into a much smaller device. This makes it the perfect sleep tracking companion, freeing you from needing to have anything on your wrist as you sleep which can at times be uncomfortable. 

Keen to make a statement with Future Ring and embrace style, health and convenience like never before? Check out HiFuture Future Ring here, available in three different sizes ranging from 57mm to 65mm. You’ll find this and more in our Smart Wearables department!

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