GALAX mobile APP for PC tuning and RGB!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 5th, 2023
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The team at GALAX have combined several of their software packages, providing gamers and PC building enthusiasts with easy tuning control, overclocking tools and RGB lighting effects customisation via smartphones or tablets.

The ability to quickly see your system performance while under load at a glance is pretty awesome, and having this on a secondary screen while playing a game very useful too - especially if you're wanting to tweak your graphics settings as it helps to quickly identify any optimisation vs bottleneck moments. Other functions, such as adjustments to fan speeds are equally useful for those who want to balance temp and noise in their system. Having the ability to customise the addressable RGB on your graphics card is pretty neat as well, with various modes and effects to play about with.

You can download Xtreme Tuner on Apple IOS or Android devices, and it looks great on both tablets and/or smartphones.


Picture of Galax Graphics Card APP at Hardwired News NZ
The GALAX Xtreme Tuner APP gives easy access to a suite of software on your PC

The APP works by connecting your smart device to the GALAX PC software over your local wireless network, making it easy to view information and systems stats on second screen, or tune your system on the fly.  

VIA GALAX "Moving forward from offering the most convenient way of overclocking, customization and providing the most accurate GPU info with the on-screen display tool, Xtreme Tuner mobile app will now join forces with the newest announced HOF ARGB Control Box, allowing users to take full control of their full system ARGB effects, such as the newest GeForce RTX 40 series GPU, Hydro Vortex CPU cooler, Vortex fans, Dark Obelisk support stick, with a simple tap on phones. With the formidable armoury offered by GALAX and HOF series, plus the newest Xtreme Tuner App and HOF Control Box, gamers are now capable in changing the tides of their battle on-the-go with the advantages offered by the brand’s ultimate gaming system."

Exciting stuff indeed, and great to see another player joining the smart device connection game alongside Gigabyte FUSION.

Check out all the latest graphics cards in the GALAX Store and be sure to keep your eyes on Hardwired News for the more of the latest!

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