Securing Your Digital Life: A Deep Dive into ASUS AiProtection

Jacob King By Jacob King - updated September 15th, 2023
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In today's digital era, our lives are woven into an intricate web of online activities, from internet banking, online shopping, and remote work to leisurely activities like gaming and streaming. While this digital landscape brings unprecedented convenience and accessibility, it also exposes us to a host of potential security threats. Cyber attacks, data breaches, phishing scams, and malware are increasing in character and complexity, marking every digital touchpoint as a potential door to exploitation. Even our seemingly innocent Internet of Things devices can be manipulated to compromise our security, significantly emphasising the critical need for robust digital protection.

At the heart of securing your digital life, ASUS AiProtection stands strong. ASUS AiProtection is a robust security feature integrated within ASUS routers to safeguard users from various online threats. Developed in collaboration with leading cybersecurity company Trend Micro, AiProtection offers real-time network protection, creating a safe online ecosystem for all wireless devices connected to the ASUS router. It functions as a personal security consultant, intelligently and real-time scanning your network environment to safeguard your smart devices, personal data and even your family from a variety of cyber threats. In this article, we take a deep dive into this technology and how it can make your digital world more secure.

Why choose a router with AiProtection?

Being integrated within ASUS routers, AiProtection operates at the network's frontline. This means, every piece of data - be it from your smartphone, smart TV, or any IoT device - is scanned and safeguarded at the entry point itself. This integration ensures seamless security, eliminating the need for installing multiple security software on every single device connected to the network. The amalgamation of ASUS's innovative router technology and AiProtection's formidable security begs a higher degree of network safety, delivering uninterrupted, secure internet access to all devices connected to the ASUS router. This advanced ecosystem presents users with an effective shield against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

How does ASUS AiProtection work?

ASUS AiProtection leverages powerful cybersecurity solutions and cloud data centres from Trend Micro to shield your safeguard home and all connected devices from cyber threats – without an additional subscription fee. Starting with real-time network monitoring, AiProtection functionally mimics a vigilant sentry, continuously scanning the network traffic for potential threats. It identifies and neutralizes an array of cyber threats including malicious attacks, and intrusions, even before they infiltrate your network. This proactiveness significantly reduces the risk of device compromise or data theft.

Key features of ASUS AiProtection

ASUS Ai Protection offers an array of advanced features engineered to ensure a secure online experience. Each element plays a crucial role in providing robust protection to your digital landscape.

1) Real-Time Network Protection: This key feature works as the frontline of your digital security. It monitors network traffic to detect any threats before they infiltrate your system. It immediately prevents attacks upon detection, providing a proactive safeguarding mechanism that ensures a secure digital ecosystem round the clock.

2) Security Scan: This is a feature that routinely scans the status of your network and associated devices for any potential security risks. It checks for everything from password strength and encryption settings to current system updates, offering the users an insightful understanding of their network’s security posture and alerting them of any weak points that need attention.

3) Two-Way Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): This integral feature provides enhanced protection against cyber attacks. Unlike traditional firewalls, it inspects the incoming and outgoing traffic, blocking malicious attacks headed in either direction. It acts as a 'cyber-barrier', ensuring that harmful intrusions are hindered while maintaining the free-flow of safe network traffic.

4) Instant Guard: This feature allows you to surf the web securely, even when you're not connected to your home network. It establishes a fortified conduit between your device and the router, no matter where you are, providing a level of protection equivalent to that which you would have on your home network. This means that the safety of your sensitive data is assured, even when you're connected to public networks.

5) Infected Device Prevention and Blocking: In case a device connected to the network gets infected by malware, this feature acts promptly to curb the issue. It immediately blocks the compromised device from sending any sensitive information to malicious servers, safeguarding personal data and preventing further spread of the malware within your network.

6) Parental Controls: The Parental Controls offers a broad range of options to carefully curate a secure and educational online environment for children, including screen-time limitations, inappropriate content blocking, and the ability to monitor your child's online activities. This function ensures a balanced, informative, and safe internet browsing experience for the younger ones in your home.

7) VPN Integration: ASUS routers support a range of VPN protocols, including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and the latest WireGuard® security protocol for a variety of VPN scenarios. With a built-in VPN server and VPN client, you can access your home network easily and securely from anywhere, or enjoy stable connections to your favorite streaming series or games in any geographical locations. ASUS routers also support a hassle-free site-to-site VPN for encrypted office network connections. 

These key features and their functioning provide an overarching protection to your online network. This potent combination of a vigilant network guard, thorough security assessment, two-way intrusion prevention, and prompt malware action, makes your internet journey both seamless and secure. View a full comparison of what each type of Ai Protection plan offers here.

What ASUS routers feature AiProtection?

All ASUS routers found at PB Tech feature AiProtection technology. The list below will give you an idea about what specific plan the different models feature.

Model AiProtection Plan
RT-AX53U AiProtection Classic
RT-AX54HP AiProtection Classic
RT-AX57 AiProtection Classic
RT-AX3000 AiProtection Pro
RT-AX59U AiProtection Pro
RT-AX5400 AiProtection Pro
RT-AX82U AiProtection Pro
RT-AX86U PRO AiProtection Pro
RT-AX89X AiProtection Pro
RT-AXE7800 AiProtection Pro
TUF-AX4200 AiProtection Pro
TUF-AX6000 AiProtection Pro
GT-AX6000 AiProtection Pro
GT-AX11000 PRO AiProtection Pro
GT-AXE16000 AiProtection Pro
ET12(2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XT12(2-PK) AiProtection Pro
GT6 (B-2pk) AiProtection Pro
GT6 (W-2pk) AiProtection Pro
XT8 v2 (B-2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XT8 v2 (W-2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XD6(W-2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XD6S(W-2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XD6S(W-2-PK) AiProtection Pro
XD5 (B-3-pk) AiProtection Classic
XD5 (B-2-pk) AiProtection Classic
XD4S (B-3-PK) AiProtection Classic
XD4S (B-2-PK) AiProtection Classic
4G-AX56 AiProtection Classic
DSL-AX82U AiProtection Pro


Get ASUS AiProtection on your network today

In the face of increasing online threats, ASUS AiProtection emerges as a highly reliable solution in curbing digital vulnerabilities. Integrated within ASUS routers, it provides an encompassing shield against cyber threats, ensuring a safe and secure online experience. With real-time network monitoring, adaptive learning, and detection of diverse threats, the power of AiProtection significantly enhances the cybersecurity strategy of any digital household or business. If you're seeking a robust, efficient, and proactive solution for your digital safety, look no further than ASUS routers equipped with Ai Protection. 

Shop ASUS routers in our networking department or head over to the ASUS brand store for their full range of solutions!

Setting up ASUS routers made easy

ASUS routers make securing your digital landscape easy with integrated AiProtection, but to top it off, setting up the router itself is also made easy with ASUS easy set up. In the later half of this year, select ASUS router models (RT-AX1800S / RT-AX54HP / RT-AX53U) will have the new ASUS easy set up feature. 

There will be one small card inside the box and one rating label behind the chassis. Each has a QR code, SSID/PW and router log-in ID/PW. Setting up can easily be done via the ASUS Router app or web UI. We strongly recommend using the app as it simplifies the entire process. Follow these easy steps:

  • Open the ASUS Router App and choose the model from the list.
  • Select 'Enable Camera and Scan'
  • Scan the QR Code from the rating label. The ID/PW will automatically synchronise. 
  • Confirm the SSID on the rating label and App are the same.
  • Click 'Join'. The app will search for the router.
  • Once the router is detected, click 'Get Started' to set up.
  • Ensure the SSID/PW and login ID/PW are the same as on the small card and rating label.

Set up of your ASUS router is complete and you can now enjoy a smooth, secure connection!

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