Best Massage Guns & Therapy Tools: Top Devices For Recovering From Workouts

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - August 31st, 2023
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Maintaining an active lifestyle requires not only dedication to your workouts but also prioritising your post-workout recovery. It's in these moments of rest and recovery that real progress happens. And guess what? Modern technology is here to take your recovery game up a notch. From massage guns and massage balls to muscle stimulators, there are a myriad of awesome therapy devices that are designed to help you recover better, faster, and more conveniently. In this article, we look at some of the top therapy and recovery tech devices on the market. So, sit back, relax, and let's jump into some of the top muscle recovery tools we have available!

Top Heat & Cold Device - Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube

Occupying the top spot for Heat & Cold Therapy Devices is the innovative Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube. This device offers a revolutionary approach to muscle recovery, offering both hot and cold therapy in one. This compact, reusable device delivers instant cold, heat and contrast therapies scientifically proven to treat injuries, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and maximise muscle and joint recovery. It's powered by Therabody's proprietary Cryothermal Technology that uses scientifically-optimised temperatures and durations for effective relief and recovery. 

The RecoveryTherm Cube serves up heat for relaxing tight muscles and promoting blood flow, or soothing cold to reduce inflammation and speed up injury recovery.With its timer settings, you can program your sessions according to your convenience, ensuring consistency. Compact yet portable, it comes with an easy-to-carry handle, making every location—from the gym to your home—your personal recovery station. Its intuitive controls and easy-to-clean surface underscores its hassle-free operation. 

Top Massage Gun - Therabody Theragun Pro

If you’re an athlete, fitness/recovery professional, or total fitness fanatic who takes recovery very seriously, then a top-tier massage gun is what you need. Stepping into the spotlight as our Top Massage Gun is the Therabody Theragun Pro. Packing a significant punch while remaining remarkably quiet, the Theragun Pro utilizes advanced sound insulation and a proprietary commercial-grade brushless motor to provide powerful, soothing therapy without the noise.

The adjustable arm is one of its hallmark features, enabling full-body reach and increasing its efficiency—it can hit those hard-to-reach areas. It’s capable of delivering up to 60lbs of no-stall force to really knead out those deep knots. For more precision, it comes with six different head attachments that are made with non-porous closed-cell foam that can be easily wiped clean for a more hygienic experience. It also comes with 5 built-in speeds based on a scientifically calibrated 1750-2400 PPM range.

To push personalization even further, it syncs to the Therabody app, enabling you to adjust speed ranges based on your preferences. The cherry on top is the OLED screen accompanied by a force meter, allowing you to monitor your massage intensity in real time, ensuring appropriate pressure for efficient muscle treatment. Built for endurance, the Theragun Pro also provides up to 300 minutes of total battery life, permitting long, uninterrupted recovery sessions. Combining such comprehensive features and benefits, the Theragun Pro delivers professional-level therapy experience, truly elevating your recovery process.

Top Value Massage Gun - Beurer Fitness MG99 Mini

Snagging the spot for Top Value Massage Gun is the Beurer Fitness MG99 Mini Therapy Device. This compact, budget-friendly device doesn't compromise on functionality. It offers what you need for an effective post-workout recovery without breaking the bank. The MG99 comes with multiple heads and intensity levels, allowing you to customize your massage experience to target specific muscles and tension points. It operates quietly, letting you relax without disturbing others.

The MG99 comes with four different attachment heads and five intensity levels (which can be adjusted via the LED screen). One of its major selling points is its compact size, making it easily portable—perfect for fitness enthusiasts on-the-go. Plus, it packs reasonable battery life, ensuring your recovery routines won't be cut short. Best of all, despite its lower price point, the Beurer Fitness MG99 Mini Therapy Device offers a quality build that promises durability, truly offering you a bang for your buck. It's an accessible device that makes recovery care a more attainable luxury.

Top Foam Roller - Therabody Wave Roller

Picture of Therabody Wave Roller
Picture of Therabody Wave Roller

Redefining the role of traditional foam rollers is the innovative Therabody Wave Roller. Unlike regular foam rollers, the Wave Roller uses advanced vibration technology with five intensity settings, allowing you to custom-tailor your therapy according to your recovery needs. These massages range from a gentle relaxing hum to a deep, invigorating roll, effortlessly loosening tight muscles, reducing stiffness, and enhancing circulation. The Wave Roller is specifically designed with a distinctive wave-like pattern on its high-density foam exterior, providing targeted pressure to hit those critical trigger points more effectively than a regular roller.

What truly differentiates this foam roller is its smart connectivity. Its Bluetooth feature connects to the Therabody app where it offers personalized routines for each muscle group, truly transforming your foam rolling experience. Wireless and rechargeable, the Wave Roller effortlessly fits into any lifestyle or fitness routine, offering advanced recovery support whenever and wherever it's needed. Its effectiveness, accessibility, and breakthrough design solidify the Wave Roller’s position as an indispensable recovery asset.

Top Massage Ball - Therabody Wave Solo

Sometimes a foam roller just won’t cut it and you need something that can hit those niggly areas with pinpointed pressure. That’s where a massage ball like the Therabody Wave Solo comes in and it isn't your average massage tool. This compact yet powerful device is engineered to deliver focused, pinpoint pressure to areas of the body that standard recovery tools struggle to reach. Designed to mimic the human thumb, the Wave Solo effectively releases deep muscle tension and breaks up knots. But the real magic starts when you turn on the vibrations - it offers three different vibration frequencies designed to promote improved muscle relaxation, recovery, flexibility, and pain relief.

Unlike most massage balls, the Wave Solo is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to connect it to the Therabody app and access personalized routines for optimal muscle treatment. Take it wherever you go thanks to the pocket-friendly size, and keep your muscles relaxed and ready for action anytime. The Therabody Wave Solo isn't just a massage ball, it's a high-tech compact solution to muscle recovery and tension relief.

Top Contoured Roller - Therabody Wave Duo

Striking a nice blend of the Wave Roller and Wave Solo, we have the Therabody Wave Duo which takes muscle recovery and tension relief to new heights. Its unique, contoured shape is designed to fit the curves of your body, targeting areas that typical rollers may miss, like the neck, spine, and calves. But like all the products on this list, it's not just a roller, it's a vibrating roller equipped with five vibration frequency levels. These levels cater to various needs in your fitness journey, ranging from warming up muscles pre-workout to relaxing them post-exercise, and even deep recovery on rest days. The vibrations enhance the benefits of a regular roller, driving increased blood flow, boosting muscle oxygenation, improving flexibility, and providing speedy relief from muscle soreness.

The Wave Duo also works in tandem with the Therabody app, allowing tailored routines for your muscle groups. Moreover, its compact, portable design makes it a perfect on-the-go companion, promoting muscle health wherever you are. In short, the Therabody Wave Duo brings together comfort, functionality, and technology to offer you a dynamic muscle recovery experience.

Top Muscle Stimulator - Therabody PowerDot 2.0

Picture of Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Muscle Stimulator
Picture of Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

Our Top Muscle Stimulator Device is the ingeniously designed Therabody PowerDot 2.0. This highly compact, wireless device brings muscle stimulation therapy right into the comfort of your home or on-the-go. It serves up the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation, including improved recovery, pain relief, increased strength, and enhanced performance, just to name a few. It's also an excellent tool to warm up muscles prior to workouts or to relax them afterwards.

The PowerDot 2.0 Duo comes with two pods, allowing you to target two areas simultaneously, amplifying the efficiency of your sessions. Here's where it strikes the chord of innovation: it's smart. Sync it to your phone and, through a user-friendly app, it provides customized programs based on your fitness goals and health needs—an approach that blends tech and fitness like never before. To add icing on the cake, the device is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it one of the most portable recovery tools out there.

The world of muscle recovery has evolved dramatically with technological innovations. With the right tools and devices, you can take a step towards optimised recovery, enhancing not just your workouts, but your wellbeing too. Head over to our Massage Guns and Therapy Devices department to browse our full range!

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