Level Up Your Audio Experience With ASUS ROG Gaming Gear

Jacob King By Jacob King - June 27th, 2023
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So you’re looking to take your gaming audio experience up a notch? With such a wide selection of gaming accessories available, it can be hard knowing where to start. One thing is for sure though - ASUS ROG gaming gear is always made to impress with top-tier build quality and durability. This is thanks to ASUS’s use of high-quality materials, sturdy construction and attention to detail. So if an elevated audio experience is what you’re after, consider adding an ASUS ROG Headset or Headset Stand to your gaming setup.

ASUS ROG Delta S Core Gaming Headset

Picture of ASUS ROG Delta S Core Gaming Headset - Wired
Strikes a balance of incredible performance, comfort and affordability
Picture of ASUS ROG Delta S Core Gaming Headset - Wired
Delta S Core combines top-notch sound quality, ergonomic design, and awesome features

Whether you take to PCs, consoles, or mobile devices for your gaming, the ASUS ROG Delta S Core gaming headset is an impressive piece of gear crafted to level up your gaming experience. This one strikes a nice balance between performance and affordability but if you've got a bigger budget, you could also consider the Delta S (Wireless Headset). The Delta S Core combines top-notch sound quality, ergonomic design, and unique features that make it the perfect companion for all types of gamers who crave an awesome audio. Built for precision and clarity, this baby uses ASUS Essence drivers, ensuring rich and detailed audio. Plus, it has virtual 7.1 surround sound support for a fully immersive experience! This means you can basically become one with the game, pinpointing in-game movements, and locating enemies like a true gaming ninja.

Now, the ROG Delta S Core isn't just about an incredible sound performance; it's also about major comfort. The headset features the exclusive ASUS ROG Hybrid ear cushions, made with a comfy mix of protein leather and fabric mesh for that oh-so-comfy soft feel and breathability. They also reduce heat build up which means less heat, more sweet gaming sessions ahead! On top of that, this headset allows you to customise your sound experience. You can adjust your audio preferences for different games. From powerful bass for action-packed gaming to crisp dialogues for in-game convos, you can get the best soundscape for each scenario.

And, for all you team players out there, communication is a breeze with the ROG Delta S Core. The unidirectional, detachable boom microphone ensures your teammates can hear every command you make, even during the most intense multiplayer sessions. Easy-to-access controls mean quick mic adjustments on the fly. How cool is that? The ASUS ROG Delta S Core gaming headset is an awesome choice for those after a balance of quality gaming audio and affordability. It has superb sound quality, deluxe comfort, customisable audio options, and wide compatibility make it the ultimate buddy for your gaming sessions!

ASUS ROG Throne RGB ESS DAC Gaming Headset Stand

Picture of ASUS ROG Throne Headset
Sleek and stylish design that will spruce up any gaming set up
Picture of ASUS ROG Throne Headset
Customisable with 360-degree RGB lighting

If you’re picking up a new headset, why not grab a headset stand to give it a home too? The ASUS ROG Throne RGB ESS DAC Gaming Headset Stand is definitely not your average headset stand. The ROG Throne RGB's design is sleek, stylish, and totally ready to spruce up your gaming space. With its customisable 360-degree RGB lighting, you can create awesome light shows and even sync up the effects with your other RGB gaming gear. Use ASUS Aura Sync software to set color schemes and coordinate the vibes in your gaming haven. 

But this cool stand isn't just about the looks. The built-in ESS DAC and amplifier will level up your audio game. With the ESS 9118 DAC, expect phenomenal audio quality with high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz listening and a 127 dB signal-to-noise ratio for incredible sound. Immerse yourself in music, movies, and games like never before. The ROG Throne RGB also has multiple connectivity options! With two USB 3.1 ports, you can easily connect and charge your gaming devices; and there’s also a handy 3.5mm audio jack.

As for how your headset sits? The ROG Throne RGB has an optimised arc design with an anti-slip rubber pad that provides a stable platform to hold your headset securely and protects against shakes and bumps. Additionally, the large contact area on the arc evenly distributes the weight of your headset, protecting against deformation of the headband cushion to ensure it stays in good condition and remains comfortable. With its eye-catching design, customisable RGB lighting, next-level audio experience, and multiple connectivity options, this headset stand is an awesome addition to any gaming setup. 

If you're looking to upgrade your gaming setup, ASUS ROG has an awesome range of gaming gear and peripherals that are worth considering. Check out these and more over at the ASUS brand store!

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