Must-Have Accessories: Surface Dock 2

Hannah Bell By Hannah Bell - February 16th, 2023
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Adding accessories can elevate an outfit, whether that be a bag, a necklace, a belt. I’m sure we all have our wardrobe staples and winning combos that we go back to time and time again – so let’s apply this same logic to how adding accessories can also elevate your PC experience! Now we live in more of a hybrid working environment, it’s important to have a good set up so you can work just as efficiently and comfortable from home as you can in the office. For many years now, my hybrid working experience would not be the same without the Surface Dock 2.

I am all about working smarter, not harder and using the Surface Dock 2 transforms my Surface Pro 9 into more of a desktop experience – that’s right, I can use this device as a tablet, as a laptop and as a desktop! This helps me to streamline the way I work and connect to everything that lives on my desk. With ports like USB-A, USB-C, and Ethernet, you can connect all your devices, like monitors, keyboards, and mice and my favourite part is that I can leave these connected all the time. The Surface Dock 2 connects to your device through the Surface connect port (the charging port), and this also charges my device throughout the day so if I need to head out to a meeting or just feel like a change of scenery, I know my device is ready to go. The Surface charger that came with my device now permanently lives in my laptop bag so I know where ever I am, I’ll be able to power my device.

Using an external monitor is key for multitasking and productivity throughout the day, the Surface Dock 2 supports dual 4k monitors at up to 60Hz, this is taken to the next level with Snap layouts in Windows 11 to help me make the most out of my screen real estate. to start using Snap layouts, just drag a window to the top of the screen to reveal the snap layouts, drop the window on top of a zone to snap it in place. Even better, if I receive an email or have to click out of these windows for whatever reason - instead of having to reorganise my group, I can now bring back all of these windows at once, right from my task bar. But what happens if I unplug my Surface Dock 2? Windows 11 just knows! The windows on your external monitor are minimised. When you re-dock your computer to your monitor, Windows puts everything back exactly where you had it before.

I love having the Surface Dock 2 set up at my desk connected to my peripherals all the time so I’m not having to unplug and re-plug multiple things just to get my workday started. By plugging all of my accessories into my Surface Dock 2, not only does it keep me connected, but it help keeps my desk tidy and free of cord clutter! While the Surface Dock 2 is physically quite small, it has a massive impact on my work day!

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Hannah Bell

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