Game in Comfort with Loctek's GET223IB Gaming Desk

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - August 12th, 2022
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Every serious PC gamer knows that comfort is premium when you’re gaming. If you don’t have the right setup, you’re bound to experience muscle strain, tension, stiff joints and even pain at some point. Sitting in the same position for long periods at a time can be taxing on your body – especially if your posture is off. Loctek’s GET223IB Gaming Desk will upgrade your battle station, let you game for longer in comfort, and get you ahead of the aches and pains.

More than just a cool-looking desk, the GET223IB has a premium dual-motor system that lets you customise the height with ease, and alternate between standing and sitting during long hours of play. It’s designed for maximum structural integrity, with double steel tubing that ensures stability, even at its highest height (of 1230mm). Height adjustment is smooth and quiet (the ultra-silent operation is lower than 50dB) and as easy as touching a button on the control panel. It even has programmable digital controls that let you set three memory presets, along with a sit/stand reminder system. Even the most comfortable stationary desk will start to wear you down after a while and a height adjustable desk is the best way around it!

Beyond the comfort, the GET223IB will add a nice aesthetic to your gaming setup. It has a simple, contemporary design with a bit of an edge. The desktop has a medium-density carbon fibre textured surface (and it comes with a fully covered waterproof mousepad), while the rest of the desk has a thick and durable powder-coated seamless surface that resists scratches, water and stains. You shouldn’t have any worries putting your gaming setup on this desk – it has superior stability and a maximum weight load of 125kg.

It’s easy to forget how important a good desk is for your gaming setup… until you’re standing at someone elses’ and wishing it was yours. Don’t neglect a good gaming desk and add one to your shopping list today! To browse our entire range of height adjustable desks, click here

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