Top Camera Accessories in 2022

Korgan Lee By Korgan Lee - updated June 17th, 2022
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So, you’ve got your camera body and lens, what’s next? Photographers should have high-quality accessories in their kit to aid them in capturing the perfect shot. In this article, we’ve included the basic and essential accessories that a new photographer should look into adding to their kit.

Camera accessories are not always big, complicated or expensive. Getting a new lens is not the only way to achieve other styles of photography or to get better at taking the shots you like. Tripods, gimbals, memory cards and bags are just as important.


When it comes to recording on the fly, whether it's for your new vlog, video or even photos, a gimbal can be a game-changer.

A gimbal is a hand-held device that allows a camera to rotate smoothly along an axis. They are equipped with motors and sensors which stabilise the camera whether you’re tilting, panning, or rolling, the gimbal will create smooth footage.

The DJI RSC 2 is a popular choice for gimbals mainly due to the fact it's foldable for travel. It does everything the bigger gimbals can do but is smaller and more compact making it ideal for those on the go.

It’s made out of carbon fibre to keep it lightweight, the RSC 2 only weighs 1.2kgs. The battery on the RSC 2 is internal and charges via USB-C with a 14-hour battery life on a full charge. Unfortunately that there is no replaceable battery on the RSC 2.


A tripod can help capture your shot in different circumstances. When you need your camera to be steady be it stills or videos, a tripod is for you.

Examples of when a tripod can be useful is when you're taking long exposures or shooting in darker environments as when you need to adjust your exposure and shutter speed, there’s a risk of camera shake which could ruin everything.

Packing the Manfrotto tripod away becomes a breeze thanks to its clever design.
Packing the Manfrotto tripod away becomes a breeze thanks to its clever design.
Fully extended, the max height of the Manfrotto tripod is 165cm.
Fully extended, the max height of the Manfrotto tripod is 165cm.

Tripods don’t just only hold your camera, they can also be your light stand for your flashes, LEDs, reflectors and more. When using a telephoto lens, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to balance handheld but placing the lens over the tripod will help balance it out giving your photos the sharpness it deserves.

Our most popular tripod is the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminium Tripod with a 3-way head and a padded carrying bag. Storing and taking it with you just became easier with its clever foldable design.

The Manfrotto tripod has a max weight of 3kgs, extends up to 165cm tall, reinforced with five-section tubes, and is suitable for lenses up to 200mm.


No video is complete without good audio and using an external microphone will do the trick.

There are multiple types of microphones such as the lavalier mic which is wireless, making it ideal for use in interviews as they can easily be clipped on someone’s clothing. A shotgun mic is a good all-purpose microphone that is mounted on top of the camera's hot shoe and records anything you point it at.

A picture of a camera with a shotgun mic.
A picture of a man holding a range of microphones.

The RODE VideoMic is our go-to pick for shotgun mics, as it features a studio-grade condenser, high-pass filter and a two-stage level control for recording loud sounds, making it an extremely multi-purpose microphone.

It has an integrated Rycote Lyre shock mounting system which provides good isolation from external vibrations and a high-density windshield. Keep in mind the RODE VideoMic requires a 9V battery to operate.

Memory Card

A picture of a pile of memory cards.

There’s nothing worse than having a camera that can’t shoot fast, or isn’t capable of recording in 4k video. A slow memory card causes bottlenecks in the data and slows down the camera.

The most common way to differentiate between memory cards is how much storage they have. However, that isn’t the only thing to look at when browsing memory cards. Reading and writing speeds play an important role, especially for those looking for high-speed continuous shooting or high-resolution video.

We’ve included a mixture of card types below, that we’d recommend depending on your purpose.

Camera Bag

A camera bag is not only there to carry your equipment, but also to protect it. However, finding the right bag for you can be a challenge thanks to the many different designs. You might want a messenger bag, shoulder sling style, or you may prefer a small case or pouch to put your gear in then pop it inside your backpack.

Example of a bag with customisable compartments.
You may be after a bag with customisable compartments.
If you want something more compact, maybe a shoulder sling-style bag is more up your alley.
If you want something more compact, maybe a shoulder sling-style bag is more up your alley.

Whichever style of bag you prefer, ensure that you choose one that has a good quality zip, as those are normally the first thing to fail! The last thing anyone wants is their gear to potentially fall out and get damaged.

You’ll want to ensure your bag has enough space for your needs and make sure it has proper padding and customisable compartments to fit your gear. If you often take a tablet or laptop with you it may be worth checking your bag has an extra slot for that as well as a rain cover for those that go hiking.

There you have it, a selection of our top camera accessories. To see our whole range of accessories check out PB Tech and if you want to find a group of passionate photographers to share your journey with, make sure to join Photo Booth – Powered by PB Tech Group on Facebook!

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