Best iPad to buy in 2022

Danielle Kim By Danielle Kim - March 28th, 2022
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Thinking of buying an iPad but unsure of which model? Here’s our guide to picking the best model to suit your needs whether it’s a Pro or a Mini.

Apple’s iPads are some of the greatest devices on the market. There are a great selection of models, sizes and colours to suit different needs and budgets. Deciding which iPad suits you best widely depends on the tasks and objectives you are looking to fulfil.

Best Portability: iPad Mini

The iPad Mini returned in 2021 with an all new and improved similar to the premium Pro line and features the same A15 chip that powers the iPhone 13 Pro range. Other attributes that just make the newest iPad Mini as iconic as it is are the storage upgrades, optical 5G and USB-C faster charging, new digital-zoom centre stage camera, Apple pencil connectivity and a display slightly larger than the older Mini model. It may feel crammed if you were to use it for design and professional graphics but with the 8.3 inches of display, you can do more than just your daily read. With it’s small and compactible size, it can be convenient for users to pop-in and pull out of bags for quick note taking, mapping certain areas or even send a quick iMessage. All iPads that Apple has to offer are all favourable but if you are looking for portability and budget-friendly, the iPad Mini will not disappoint. With it’s promising 10 hours of battery life and liquid retina display, it is perfect for productivity and those small work tasks.

Best Mid-Range: iPad Air

In the middle of the iPad family, sits the iPad Air. The iPad Air is the perfect mid-tier option that offers and provides a bunch of features similar to the high-end models but at a cheaper price point. For the slight increase of price from the iPad Mini, it provides a larger screen, stronger audio and a much more powerful processor chip. The hard metal frame gives a similar look and feel to the iPad Pro. It is pretty much the same size as the 10.2-inch iPad but one thing that this model will stick to is it’s name where it is slimmer and lighter.

Best Creativity: iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is currently the most powerful tablet on the market right now. With the iPad Pro featuring the Mac-based M1 chipset, it tops almost every competing tablet out there. The two different display options include the 11-inch and then 12.9-inch which offer nothing but high resolution and XDR technology that would be perfect for users who utilise graphics applications and systems in the Adobe Cloud. Alongside these benefits also include all new quality speakers on either side of the tablet, 5G connectivity, smart HDR camera with 12-megapixels and Apple pencil and keyboard connectivity. This iPad Pro is impeccably designed. A screen that is better than most laptops, a pro-level processor and fast connectivity. It is a great device for users who want something close to a normal laptop. Users such as digital or graphic designers will definitely be able to appreciate the high performance of the M1-drive iPad Pro.

Best Overall: iPad

Starting at a low-price point, the 10.2-inch iPad is the perfect model if you’re on a budget and looking for a device to do the basic necessities. It features majority of the attributes you would normally expect from an iPad such as the generous display, Touch ID, a good quality rear camera and support for the first-generation Apple pencil. It also offers TrueTone tech that will automatically adjust to the colour balance based on the environment. This model is extremely impressive as it still features majority of the same traits most of the other iPad models could have to offer. It would be the ideal device for users to write basic notes & tasks, watching videos, playing games and use of social media. It is a great entry point that won’t break the bank.

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