Seagate Halo Infinite Game Drives available now in NZ!

Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated November 16th, 2021
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If you’ve been a Halo fan anytime over the last two decades, you’re likely pretty excited (rightfully so) about the new Halo Infinite game! Though coming in at 97GB, you’re probably weighing up what needs to be deleted from your Xbox’s storage, and we know you won't be deleting MCC and Halo 5, which combined are almost 250GB! So for die-hard fans, it is crucial that you have enough space to keep these pieces of Halo history at the ready, and have plenty of space leftover for Infinite. Worry not about your storage woes, as Seagate has teamed up with Microsoft to release a range of officially-licensed Halo Infinite Xbox HDD game drives!

This hard drive is not a natural formation; it comes in a 2TB version, and a slightly chunkier 5TB version that will ensure the only fight being finished is the fight for storage space. Both come emblazoned in Master Chief's iconic Mjolnir armour, with 117 imprinted, though thankfully they’ve opted for plastic over a Titanium Alloy Outer Shell to keep it affordable for us.

Seagate’s hard drive also comes with a certifiably gamer set of customisable RGB LED strips so that you can fight the Banished in style, whatever yours may be. Naturally, as these are Hard Disc Drives, you'll need to be selective with which games you store on your console, and which you keep on this Seagate HDD to ensure you’re making the most of the lightning-fast SSDs on the Series S and X. This is not as much of a consideration if you’re planning on using your Halo Hard Drive on last gen's Xbox One.

Bump up the Halo theme song and elevate your setup with these hard drives.
Bump up the Halo theme song and elevate your setup with these hard drives.

Seagate’s Halo Infinite Hard Drive makes it easy to launch into the action too, with plug and play setup for installation and gaming in under two minutes, with no need for any tools. Take your game to a mate's house, or your storage on the go as these hard drives are slim and super portable. It’s built with Xbox-matching firmware that will give you close to seamless gameplay between your external and internal hard drives.

You’ll be getting the most you can out of these drives as they utilise the blazing fast speeds of USB 3.2, which is also all you’ll need to power them. As we mentioned earlier, this drive is compatible with all current-gen Xbox consoles - letting you show your allegiances whether you’re on Series S, Series X, any generation of Xbox One, as well as Game Pass.

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