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Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated August 29th, 2022
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Dads love their gadgets. Nothing quite puts a smile on their face like proudly displaying their new tech to an often disinterested family. If that sounds particularly like your father, PB Tech has you covered. We’ve got a broad range to cover whichever kind of dad you have: be it your Dad, your Stepdad, your kid's Dad, a (mum)Dad. And whatever kind of Dad they are: computer Dad, Gamer Dad, Fitness Dad or home Handy Dad! Check out some of our top choices below.

Because he wants to pretend that he’s in the office and can’t hear you yelling

Have you been dealing with a grumpy dad, complaining about the noise distracting him from his work? It might be the neighbours deciding they have plenty of time for their refurb, construction starting up again, or, more realistically, the kids being too loud. A new pair of headphones are an awesome option to help drown out the noise, or to keep the tunes flowing while he’s out spreading stretching his legs.

Apple Airpods Pro

A must-have for Apple Dad. IP-rated for sports + fitness, active noise cancellation to block our the kids/dog/neighbours/pressing obligations, great microphones for shooting the breeze, seamless synchronisation with everything Apple, and they’ll even tell you if you’ve got the fit right. Act FAST – AirPods Pro are on sale for their lowest price ever in NZ until 5th September 2021 – and they’re going quick! 

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless Headphones

The current benchmark for over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. Sennheiser needs no introduction, and their new MOMENTUM 4's are redefining our expectations of ANC headphones. Smart industry-leading noise cancellation, superior sound and call quality, with a whopping 60 hours of battery (with ANC on!!!) out the package. Life is just that much better when you’ve got noise cancelling on demand. With the best from Sennheiser, you’ll really make Dad’s day.

Skullcandy Dime True Wireless

True Wireless is the new hotness – look Mum, no wires! – and they don’t have to cost the Earth. With Skullcandy’s cheap and cheerful Dime, available in a range of jolly colours, you’re getting all the basics at a price you’ll love. If you’re keen to make Dad’s day on a budget, the incredibly popular Dime will do the job and leave some left over for a choc fish or two.

Because getting fit means getting out of the house away from the kids

Has your dad been getting himself back into shape now that we're out of lockdown? Well if he’d like to keep track on it to make sure he’s progressing, a fitness tracker could be an awesome option. There are some unique smartwatches out there, ranging from one you can chuck on your shoe to track your running gait, all the way to the top-tier Apple Watches with all the bells and whistles.

Huawei Band 7

A brilliant tracker and an unbelievable price. For the "first-time tracking" Dad, this lightweight band is super comfortable to wear with all the benefits of the more expensive trackers. He'll get activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and with a whopping two week battery life, he won't constantly be complaining about needing to charge it!

Apple Watch

Is your Dad a hard-core Apple fan? Well, add to his ecosystem with an Apple Watch. Known for its excellent performance, fantastic app selection, and ample health and tracking features; an Apple Watch is a surefire way to impress! Plus, with features such as ECG, and fall detection, an Apple Watch is an excellent gift idea for older dads.

Mi S1 Active Smart Watch

This Smartwatch delivers incredible value for money. It is a great fitness-oriented smartwatch, perfect for those focused on tracking their health and fitness. Showcasing a simple design this straightforward smartwatch features a round AMOLED display which is super easy to read, even in sunlight. So he won’t have to squint to see how he’s tracking!

Because the kids are always stealing his phone to play Toca Boca World

Is your dad still rocking a Nokia 3310, or maybe he’s still maintaining that his BlackBerry Storm is all he could ever need? Maybe he’s just sick of the kids taking his phone for its games? Show him what he's missing out on, or give him a bit of freedom with a new smartphone. There’s a huge range to pick from, some of our favourites are below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Everything Dad loves about the high-end Samsung Galaxy S range – flagship processor, IP68 water resistance, stunning 120Hz screen, great cameras, heaps of storage, and RAM – at a price your wallet will love. The only trick is to pick a colour! With six to choose from, there’s an S21 to meet every Dad’s tastes.

Apple iPhone 13

If your Dad’s an Apple man, the iPhone 13 is a brilliant go-to – big screen, super-long battery life, and a reliable camera. If your Dad’s coming from an older iPhone, take a few minutes to get him up to speed with Face ID and swipe navigation, and he’ll be happy as Larry in no time. There is a great range to choose from too. From the base iPhone 13 all the way up too the iPhone 13 Pro Max if he's serious about his tech!

Redmi 9C

The Redmi 9 series is quintessential Xiaomi, delivering incredible bang for buck, and the latest entry is the best yet. 4G, 6.53" FHD display, 5000mAh battery, and a 13MP Triple camera, all at an unbelievable price. Act fast, Redmi 9C is in high demand around the world. We’ve managed to secure a chunk for Kiwis and they won’t last long!

Because he wants to monitor the contactless beer delivery safely

The greatest offence is a good defence, and nothing deters would-be burglars away quite like the threat of being caught on camera. If your dad is a stickler for the safety of the family and their belongings, getting a camera system up and running can go a long way to creating a greater feeling of safety. Plus you get to spy on what your pets are up to. We have options from entry-level right up to professional, so you can grab exactly what you think he’ll get the greatest kick out of.

SmartVU Home Wire Free Smart Doorbell

Does he love knowing what’s going on outside without opening the door? Then let him look without complaining about having to let the heat out! With video and audio streaming directly to his phone, he can even communicate directly through the doorbell to let delivery drivers know where to leave a package!

EZVIZ Wirefree Smart Camera System

Does he want to install a security camera system but doesn’t want to get the tools out? Well, a wire-free security set-up is exactly what he needs. He will be able to get high-quality surveillance footage without ruining his paintwork by drilling through walls and ceilings.

Reolink 8 Channel NVR Smart Surveillance system

Or maybe your Dad wants to go the whole hog and set up a full spec system 24/7 surveillance system. He can keep an eye on your home or business in a more intelligent way with this video surveillance system. Have all-day videos and only be alerted when there is a person or vehicle. Never miss a true threat and never worry about unnecessary alarms. And be ready to grab that beer as soon as it arrives!

Because it’s easier for him to hide out and watch Netflix in the shed with a tablet

Sometimes a phone is a bit too small and hard on the eyes, while a laptop is a bit too large and cumbersome. In these moments, tablets shine. So if your dad enjoys comics, TV shows in bed, on the couch, on the toilet, or just wants a slightly bigger touchscreen to read the news on, a tablet could be the perfect choice as a gift!

Lenovo Tab M7

The perfect budget option if you’re wanting an affordable tablet. It's stylish and the slightly smaller size makes it convenient to take anywhere! Its vivid display and narrow borders make for a great media experience! Plus if he's a bit rougher with his devices, the Tab M7’s thin metal body makes it a bit sturdier than the average budget tablet, while looking classier.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

If you’re after something a little sleeker for Dad, and you have a slightly higher budget, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8! This tablet is built to impress and offers great immersive experiences. Its stunning symmetric design comes in at just 7mm thick, and boasts a sophisticated metal finish in dark grey.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

If your dad is all about productivity or has a job that keeps him on the go, a Microsoft Surface Go 3 will help him keep up with everyone from just about anywhere! A 10.5-inch display, tablet-to-laptop versatility, and a big 10-hour battery life will keep him working at maximum efficiency. Plus the huge range of add-ons makes this tablet configurable so he can get the most out of it (plus it means you’ve got lots of ammunition for future presents).

Because lockdown is easier with a better TV

A good 4K TV is not only the best way to experience movies, shows, YouTube, sports and more, it’s also future proofing. If your dad is anything like mine, falling asleep in front of the TV is a crucial part of their night time routine. It’s easy for dad to say that the old 720p HD TV you have is fine, but I assure you the moment you put it next to his new 4K, Smart TV, that opinion will quickly change.

Philips 55" 4K Smart TV

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality 4K TV from recognisable brand, this Philips 55" 4K Smart TV is just what you’re after. This will truly take his entertainment up a notch and features far more features than just great picture.

Philips 65" 4K OLED Android Smart TV with Ambilight

If you know your dad deserves nothing less than the ultimate viewing experience, consider the Philips 65" 4K OLED Android Smart TV with Ambilight. He’ll be immersed in a sharp, polished picture with natural colors and rich contrast. This slim, elegant Philips 4K OLED TV brings lifelike depth and fluid motion to the content we all love. Ambilight completes the picture beautifully by illuminating the space around the TV with colours from the scene to draw you in for deeper immersion.

Because his ‘home office’ monitor should really be equipped for gaming *wink*

If your dad loves nothing more than to finish off his workday by hot dropping in Apex and Fortnite, or delving back into New York with the PC release of Spider-Man, a new monitor is a surefire way to enhance his experience. Plus it’ll help with his productivity while he works from home if you need any more convincing.

Titan Army 34" Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

If you know he’s been wondering what all the hype is about with curved monitors, this Titan Army 34" Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor is affordable and perfect for competitive gaming. The ultra-fast 144Hz, ultrawide curved screen will draw him deeper into the game, and give him a tactical advantage. And it will totally help him nail those monthly reports…..

LG UltraGear 27" 4K Monitor

If Dad knows curved screens aren't for him, the LG UltraGear 27" 4K Monitor might just be the perfect upgrade for him. LG’s UltraGear range is packed full of features that help create not only the most enjoyable gaming experience, but also streamlined and competitive. This monitor is no exception, with a 1ms delay, 144 Hz, and G-Sync compatibility, he’ll be experiencing no screen tearing or blurs, and he’ll have you to thank.

Samsung’s 49" QLED Monitor

If he is serious about his gaming and productivity, Samsung’s 49" QLED Monitor could be just the ticket. He’ll be discovering this groundbreaking 49 inch super ultra-wide monitor, with Samsung’s new metal Quantum dot technology and 1ms VA panel. He’ll have never experienced such immersion!

We all know how hard dads can be to buy for, so we hope this list helps you get your techy dad exactly what he wants! If you're looking for something specific that wasn’t on this list, take a look at our list of gift ideas for dad, or the huge range of tech we stock here at PB! Or, if you need some help buying for mum too, check out our Gift Ideas for her!

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