Schlage Ease Smart Deadlock - Quick Look

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - updated February 18th, 2021
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Smart locks are one of the best entry points into a truly smart, connected, and secure home. Let’s be honest - keys are somewhat outdated. They can easily be picked by anyone who is well practised, and they can easily be lost too. Not to mention the convenience and benefits they’re lacking in comparison to the modern smart lock, such as providing easy access to multiple people; notifications when the door is unlocked or locked; the ability to manage and restrict access from your phone; and peace of mind.

The new Schlage Ease range of smart locks are easy to install and use, but with maximum features. The Schlage Ease S1 Smart Deadlock and Ease S2 Smart Entry Lock both offer affordable style, convenience, and security with modern smart functionality for any home. Both locks are super simple and easy to install with just a screwdriver - in less than 15 minutes - making this type of home upgrade accessible to everyone.

The best smart locks are just as much about safety as they are about convenience. Seeing as smart locks will have the role of being the guardian and the doorkeeper of your home, it’s only natural that you consider safety and security first. The Schlage Ease has additional security features to provide peace of mind when you’re away from home, including built-in alarm technology that senses potential security breaches at the lock; auto-locking; notifications and alerts; and random PIN number function to protect your entry code.

The Schlage Ease™ Smart Locks pair with the Schlage Abode mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allowing the convenience of using a smartphone to manage access and control your lock. When used with the optional Schlage AB100 Wi-Fi Bridge, you can manage your lock from anywhere in the world including receiving notifications if the lock has been used or tampered with, as well as add and remove users instantly making it perfect for home-share properties. Forgot to lock the door when you left for work this morning? A connected lock will alert you when your door is left open or unlocked.

With the Schlage Ease™ range you choose how to operate the lock; use the integrated keypad, use the Schlage Abode app or an override key. Each lock can hold up to 20 individual PIN codes, that can be managed at the keypad or through the app. Whether it is permanent access for the whole household, temporary access for family coming to visit for a few days, reoccurring access to a cleaner that comes one afternoon a week, or temporary access to a rental property for a weekend, all access is managed easily and in real-time through the Schlage Abode app.

The Schlage Ease Smart Lock range is designed to provide a simple digital lock solution that offers keyless convenience for the whole family. They’re a great solution for homes that currently have a mechanical deadbolt and lever, or pull handle installed on their front doors and want to upgrade to a smart, keyless solution. Check out the Schlage Ease Smart Locks at PB Tech!

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Hi Kim, does the wifi bridge mutiple locks or it has the same limitation as Yale locks where its 1 bridge for 1 lock?

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3 years ago Reply Report

Jared G (Head Office)

Hi Sandeep, great question! Replying on behalf of Kim from the team at PB Tech. It is one bridge & one lock. Thanks

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3 years ago Reply Report
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