Poweroak EB50 400Wh Portable Power Station - Quick Look

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - January 18th, 2021
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New Zealand summer is in full swing and with more than a month left to go, there’s no better way to make the most of it than with a summer road trip. The Poweroak EB50 400Wh Portable Power Station is a must-have this summer if you’ll be on the road or camping. Having a portable power station like this is especially important if you’ll be going off the grid and camping in remote areas! Even if you plan to stay at drive-in campsites, there’s no guarantee you’ll have access to power. Plus, having your own power source gives you extra freedom, allowing you to camp at unpowered sites rather than being tethered to a cable. With so many beautiful spots to check out across New Zealand, why limit yourself to certain areas or crowded camping sites when a portable power station can take you anywhere?

Picture of Poweroak EB50 charging 3 phones, tablet, x2 lightbulbs and powering a printer, which looks to be connected by DC
Charge multiple devices at once with USB, car charging, DC 12V ports and wall outlet ports
Picture of Poweroak EB50 charging a phone, iPad and a laptop
You can charge larger devices including some laptops. The car charger port can be used with other accessories, such as a USB adaptor

The EB50 Portable Power Station provides clean, quiet, portable power, to charge up your electronic equipment wherever you are. It’s perfect for the campground, but powerful enough for construction sites as well. This power station has multiple outputs including USB, 240V AC output, and 12V DC ports. The pure-sine wave inverter delivers stable output, reliable enough to power even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

Additionally, the EB50 has a car jump start function with 400A peak at 12V. Even if you are staying at powered camp sites, a portable power station is extremely useful to have on hand for emergencies, such as if your car or campervan were to have a flat battery.

The EB50 Power Station is compact, lightweight, and designed for portability. With the addition of a convenient carry handle, the EB50 can easily be carried around the campsite, work site, or wherever you need portable power.

The EB50 produces extremely low emissions making this power station environmentally friendly. To keep with the enviro-friendly theme, you can conveniently charge it at any time with a solar charger, an AC wall outlet, or a DC car charger.

If you’re planning on doing any roadies or camping trips, or if you frequently require power outdoors, you’ll feel more prepared and at ease with a reliable portable power station by your side. This portable power station is a great option that offers fantastic value for the price and spec, there are glowing reviews too, see what customers have to say about the Poweroak EB50 400Wh Portable Power Station today!

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