Logitech Z407 2.1 Speakers with Bluetooth - Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 1st, 2020
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The new Logitech Z407 2.1 Speaker System lets you create a powerful little speaker setup with a nifty new wireless dial that can be used to control your setup, rather than the traditional knob on the right speaker we’re used to seeing in previous designs.

The kit includes two oval-shaped satellite speakers in sleek graphite grey and a down-firing woofer which adds a big “boom” to your sound, the subwoofer connects to mains power, and is also attached to the two side speakers via RCA cables, with the wireless control dial being powered by an internal battery.

You can connect to the speaker system via Bluetooth, micro USB and 3.5mm input, switching between the connected sources as needed with ease. A 20-meter wireless range lets you adjust your sound from across the room with the wireless control dial.

The functionality changes a little depending on the source, for example, mute/unmute works when connected via 3.5 mm input, whereas Play/ Pause/ Skip/ Rewind will work when connected via USB or Bluetooth.

The side speakers have detachable stands and can be positioned in the upright position, or on their side for easier placement in more locations.

Picture of Logitech Z407 Speaker System with Bluetooth

All together, the Z407 delivers 80 watts of lifelike sound - from crisp high notes to powerful mid and low-range notes with no compromises on bass. Logitech digital signal processing gives a balanced sound profile, so you can hear everything across the sound spectrum.

Are you looking for a new set of speakers for movies, music and gaming? The Logitech Z407 is a great combination of powerful sound, easy connectivity and affordability - look for the new Logitech Z407 2.1 Speakers with Bluetooth in the Logitech Store today!

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