Mi Band 5 - The Best Value Fitness Tracker

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 24th, 2020
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Best Value is a bold statement, but with so many great features and a price that’s significantly lower than comparable fitness trackers/wearables from Garmin, Fitbit and the like, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 deserves the recognition.

This latest version features a large 1.1” display which is very bright, reaching 450nits - so no problems reading this one even on very sunny days when we’re out and about. This makes seeing fitness stats and navigating the various modes easier than ever before, and also makes any incoming messages, calls and alerts easier to see. Even with this larger/brighter display, the Mi Band 5 is still capable of 14-day battery life… it’s so good!

The Mi Band 5 features 50m water resistance, so we can wear this one when showering or swimming laps in the pool. There are eleven sports modes, ready to track all sorts of activities including rowing, jump ropes, yoga, and elliptical or cycle machines if you’re working out in the gym. The use of modes helps the Mi Band 5 to accurately monitor and analyzing every move you make. Comprehensive upgrades to algorithms and hardware have improved the Mi Bands monitoring accuracy by up to 50% for forms of exercise with irregular movements such as cross country running, climbing, hiking and so on.

The heart rate sensor provides 24-hour real-time monitoring with heart rate alerts, vibrating subtle reminders when your heart rate is unusually high.

Picture of Mi Band 5 Smartphone App

Upgrades to sleep analysis technology have boosted accuracy, allowing for remarkable interpretation of your sleeping patterns, breaking it down into the various stages of sleep. The app can offer scientific advice to help you improve your sleep situation, providing information on issues such as insomnia.

Mi Band 5 with magnetic charger
The Mi Band 5 can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge
Mi Band 5 for swimming pool laps
Wear it in the shower or while swimming laps at the pool, it's water-resistant to 50m
Mi Band 5 for Yoga and Streching
New modes allow more accurate tracking in a range of fitness activities including Yoga
Mi Band 5 for sleep tracking
Wear the Mi Band 5 while you sleep for accurate sleep tracking too

You can add a little custom flare with a vibrant wrist strap, these come in a range of colours, which is great if multiple people in the family are using the Mi Band 5, colours can to be used to quickly identify which one belongs to who.

Because the Mi Band 5 smart fitness is tracker is connect via Bluetooth to your phone, you can also use it for a bunch of really neat additional functions, such as a remote control for taking photos, event reminders, timers and more - it's wonderfully useful beyond it's main purpose.

The new Mi Band 5 smart fitness is tracker is just a part of the exiting range from Mi, look for this and all the new strap accessories in the Xiaomi Store today!

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