School Holiday Fun with Robots!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 30th, 2020
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School holidays are on right now and we’re taking a look at some super cool robots, all of which are awesome and sure to keep the kids busy in the days and weeks ahead. 

With options to suit both young and old, fun and extreme(ly fun), with just a hint of education, let’s jump right in and check out this robotic range!

Meet Edison - A robot that works with Lego

Up first is a really cool robot that works with Lego. Check out these Edison robotics kits, the affordable robot for learning and inventing.

Because Edison is Lego compatible, you can create some pretty wonderful stuff just by clicking blocks on. Edison is also used in Schools around the world, there’s a bunch of great guides and special activities with clear instructions available already to get started with.

You can program the robot to do things using EdWare, an icon-based graphical programming language. It also has built-in programs that are activated by driving over barcodes. More programs can be downloaded to Edison using the EdComm cable which connects to a computer via the headphone jack.

Picture of Edison Crane Robot
Using 2x Edison and the EdCreate kit you can create lots of neat robots
Picture of Edison Digger Robot
The EdDigger is great fun to build
Picture of Edison Printer Robot
Each build teaches a new way to use the robots
Picture of Edison Tank Robot
The EdTank is a fun favourite

The most fun can be made by adding the EdCreate Kit, an expansion pack construction system that works with 2x Edison Robots to complete a bunch on neat EdBuild projects including EdTank, EdCrane, EdPrinter and EdDigger.

The EdBuild projects require progressive levels of coding capabilities, and can also be used in a wide range of open-ended engineering, design and programming challenges.

It's robotics that starts out simple, then expands with your imagination - check out the Meet Edison Robot Kits today!

VEX IQ - Robotics Super Kit

The VEX Educational Robotics Super Kit is massive. It contains everything you’ll need to make a range of large, powerful robots.

VEX IQ robots can be immediately driven using the handheld VEX Controller and built-in programs. VEX IQ sensors, including a colour sensor, gyroscope, potentiometer, allow for advanced robots and learning opportunities. Robots can be programmed on the LCD or via a computer.

Picture of VEX IQ V-Rex Robot
Behold, the mighty V-REX!
Picture of VEX IQ Slick
The Vex IQ Slick is great for pushing objects around
Picture of VEX IQ V-Rex Alligator Robot
You can even make a robot gator!
Picture of VEX IQ Robot Arm
Who hasn't wanted to build a robot arm!

The kit contains over 850 structural & motion components, 4 smart motors, 7 Sensors, robot brain and controller. A storage bin & tray included for organised storage of all parts. This allows for a range of great robots to be built, including the mighty V-Rex and Armbot IQ.

This robotics stuff is serious fun, get building with the Vex IQ Robotics Super Kit these School holidays.

Gundam - Japanese Warrior Robot Model Kits

Popular for good reason the Gundam range of plastic robot model kits is well known around the world thanks to the easy assembly, top quality and action packed animated TV series.

These mighty fighting robots often exemplified the personality of their pilots, with memorable moments making each quite special.

Shown below is GBN champion Kyoya Kujo's AGEII Magnum in MG form. The AGEII Magnum's MG-specific head part features sharp molding for a high-quality look you'd expect of an MG. In addition, the holding power of its shoulders has been improved thanks to a new shoulder frame mold, so your posing will hold up better, even over time or when equipped with weapons. And, a locking mechanism for the hip joint allows for a secure range of motion when in MS form.

Speaking for forms, this kit can also be transformed into Phoenix Mode!

Picture of Gundam AGEII Magnum posing
The design of Gundam kits allows for great action poses
Picture of Gundam AGEII Magnum in jet mode
Alternate construction for high speed travel mode
Picture of Gundam AGEII Magnum turned showing its back
Highly detailed when viewed from any angle
Picture of Gundam AGEII Magnum showing the front
The Gundam AGEII Magnum is a magnificent model kit

When in Phoenix Mode, you'll enjoy details such as the precise recreation of the beam vulcans on the shoulders, and aesthetically-pleasing and accurate leg silhouettes. Foil stickers, regular stickers, namer sticker, and dry decals are all included.

How long has it been since you’ve built yourself a model robot? Too long i bet!

Shop the range of Gundam model kits available today.

Robomaster S1 - A Ballistic Battle Robot

DJI are very well known for their amazing aerial drones, but they've just created an amazing robot too!

Inspired by DJI's annual RoboMaster robotics competition, the S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features. The RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot built to unlock the potential in every learner.

The S1's design is a striking example of machine efficiency. With powerful configurations, the S1 lets you create, conquer, and push your limits as far as you're ready to go. Using a powerful CPU, the Intelligent Controller can simultaneously support functions such as low-latency high-definition image transmission, AI computing, and programming development. It also coordinates transmission seamlessly to execute command signals.

Picture of DJI Robomaster S1 front right
The S1 turret operates in two modes
Picture of DJI Robomaster S1 left side
You can fire gel rounds or lasers
Picture of DJI Robomaster S1 back left
Lasers allow for multiple S1 robot to battle
Picture of DJI Robomaster S1 front left
The Robomaster S1 is also programmable

The gimbal's yaw/pitch rotation range offers an expansive field of view for the FPV camera. The built-in direct-drive brushless motor works together with the IMU and advanced algorithms to allow gimbal movements with a vibration control accuracy to deliver smooth image transmission and a precision control experience.

The S1 Blaster uses LED lights to outline launch trajectories for its gel beads and infrared beams. Vivid sound effects and recoil action add to the experience for an immersive battle simulation. For added safety, the Blaster uses non-toxic gel bead projectiles and even features limitations on launching rate and angle.

It's awesome, and it's available now. Check out the RoboMaster S1 and more in the DJI Store today!

Wow those sure are some great robots, awesome fun during these School holidays for sure, and maybe if we're lucky, they'll let us big kids have a go too!

Check out all these and more great school holiday tech in Toys, Hobbies and STEM today.

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These are awesome, the VEX IQ looks like fun. I love the modern day! haha

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Not sure that last one is suitable for kids!

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That robotmaster s1 looks like fun

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Had me with that cannon shooting jelly BB's haha

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