5 Ways You Can Improve Your Home Security

Kim Jong By Kim Jong - September 10th, 2020
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While it tends to be a lot more fun decorating your house than setting up security, the reality is, home security is definitely the bigger priority. You probably hear about break-ins and burglaries on the regular on news websites or your local community Facebook group. As a precaution, it's worth it to beef up your home security measures to ensure you're protecting your home and your family as much as possible. The great news is, there are plenty of fantastic home security solutions that are readily available at your local PB Tech, and fairly easy to set up yourself. Once you've got these new measures in place, you can get back to decorating the home while having the peace of mind that your home is protected.  

Video Doorbells

One easy way to protect your home against home invasion, package thieves, and unwanted visitors is to identify who is at your doorstep, no matter where you are. You just have to look at your phone! This is thanks to the video doorbell which not only lets you see who's at your door, but it also lets you speak with them, record footage of them, and some will even let you set off an alarm. These devices will typically notify you when it detects someone at your doorstep, live stream video to your phone, and upload footage to cloud storage. Installation is fairly simple and easy as well, so you can get one of these set up this weekend!

Security Cameras

The front door isn't the only place action happens so it's wise to have security cameras in other areas surrounding your home and even within. They not only make great deterrents, but they also come in handy when getting justice via law enforcement. We have security cameras that are available as an entire system, as well as standalone cameras.

If the thought of setting up a home security system sounds like a lot of work to you, let us assure you that there are plenty of great options on the market that are actually super easy to set up. Arlo has a fantastic range of Wire-Free Security Camera Systems that are easy to set up with no fuss, and no wires. They also have pretty good video quality too which is pretty important if you want to catch any criminals on tape. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great addition to a truly smart, connected, and secure home. They allow you to come and go as you please without a key, and some automatically lock the door behind you ensuring your front door is always secure. They can even monitor who is entering and leaving your home. There are a number of ways you can use your smart lock (dependent on the model of course) including a pass code, fingerprint scanner, mobile APP, and even voice control. Not only does it make it harder for uninvited guests to get in, but it also makes it harder for you to lock yourself out of the house too.

Security Systems

An increased risk of getting caught is enough to deter most criminals. That's where these security systems come in handy. If you've got one of these systems in place, break-ins on your property won't be very low key and will likely scare off the intruder before they can commit the crime. We've got DIY Security Alarm Kits, door and window motion sensors, floodlights, panic buttons, and more.

Smart Lights and Plugs

When thinking about home security products, smart lights and smart plugs probably aren't one of the first things to pop into mind. But they do indeed make great additions to a more secure home - especially if you're going away on holiday for a period of time. With smart lights and/or smart plugs, you can schedule your lights or other electronics to turn on and off at certain times to create the illusion that someone is home.

Thinking of going away this summer? Now's the perfect time to spring into action and get started on a home security project. That way, you can fully relax and be at ease, without having to worry about what's going on at home while you're away. Check out PB Tech's full range of smart home & security products and get your home secure.

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I've had the Arlo Essential Spotlight for the last 6 months and its been great. Installed them myself and everything is controlled by the app. I recommend getting the Arlo solar panels as well though, so you don't have to worry about charging the batteries. I just leave the cameras on 24/7 now that I have the solar panels.

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