What is a Modern Windows PC in 2020?

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - March 23rd, 2020
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Computers have come a long way since the first programmable computer was invented back in 1936. Looking back over history, you'll see a huge difference in the size, specs, and prices of computers and laptops. The first commercial computer took up an entire room in the 50s before the first consumer computers were introduced in the 1970s as clunky boxes featuring small screens. The first consumer computers looked far different than computers today, but even looking back just 10 years ago, laptops were clunky, heavy, and were pretty pricey for the specs you'd get when compared to what's on the market now. So what is considered a modern PC in the year 2020?

Expect it to be faster

Once upon a time, memory used to take up an entire room. The IBM RAMAC 305 (the first commercial computer introduced back in 1956) could hold up to 5MB of data, costing about $10,000 per MB, equivalent to nearly half a million USD in today's currency! Now in 2020, the thickness of a screen alone is able to house more memory than was even conceivable in the 50s.

Not only do today's Modern PCs have more memory, but technology such as Solid State and M.2. drives mean machines will be even faster, and the tiny size of them means machines can be smaller too! Rather than using mechanical arms, plates, and moving parts, SSDs store data in small microchips, making the speed at which you can access data nearly instantly.

With a Windows Modern PC, you can stream and search with the speed you need. With faster processors and the latest technology, startups are on average at least two times faster. Plus, the software is more responsive, and webpages load quickly - in fact, Microsoft Edge launches on average twice as fast.

Expect it to be thin and light

Another great advancement is the size. Rather than a warehouse full of patching wires, modern PCs are now impressively thin and light. Now that they're basically the size of a pad of paper, rather than travelling to your workstation, your workstation travels with you. You can get everything you need in a device that is less than a kg. Plus, rather than storage stored on massive physical drives or even DVD disks, we are now constantly connected to the cloud. That means data loss is a thing of the past. Even if your machine goes up in flames, your GBs of data is safe and waiting for you to get your machine back.

Expect it to be secure

New Windows Modern PCs have seen quite an upgrade in security. Fingerprint and facial scanners used to be a thing of Hollywood movies — now we carry these with us! Now we can rest easy knowing that we are the only ones with access to our personal machines with all the extra layers of security we now have.

Along with new security features, the operating system itself is far more secure! Security is simplified, built-in, comprehensive, and most importantly, ongoing with Windows 10 at the hear of your computer. A crucial part of keeping your data safe as we digitize more parts of our everyday life.

Expect it to last

While durability has increased greatly, so has the bang for your buck! Years of research and development to get supercomputers into the form factor of a paid of paper will cost a fraction of what it used to while providing massive advancements to computer power. A lot of this has to do with less moving parts, meaning less can go wrong. Components also use less power giving us amazing advancements in battery life — something only a few millimetres thick can give you up to 7 hours of video playback! In other words, this space is the best investment it has ever seen.


Everything works together. Being more organised has never been so simple. Office 365 now utilizes the cloud, and your word documents work with your excel spreadsheets, and powerpoints, and emails - and they're all available to you where you are, on whatever device you choose. There's OneDrive storage to hold all your photos and files, so there's no need to buy expensive external storage that is subject to external factors too.

This is just the beginning. The software has given us the quality of life improvements that we now couldn't live without. Pen and touch support for quickly annotating and sharing ideals; navigation between programmes is seamless and fast; we no longer have to wait on the machine!

Windows has been here since the beginning and evolved with us, providing us with the ability to have these amazing machines. This has pushed innovation in every industry around the globe and helped with medicine, education, sustainability in our world, and the ability to explore others. And it fits in your bag.

Shopping for a modern PC

Lets all just take some time to appreciate these tools and all that they allow us to achieve as we look forward to tomorrow. If your computer is heavy, slow, takes ages to boot, or just isn't doing the job anymore, take a look around. You can get really good specs for the price these days! Click here to shop Windows Modern PCs.

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