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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated August 18th, 2021
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Some jobs can be done anywhere, provided you've got the right tools. So if you're wanting to  work remotely, but a home office setup is needed first, you're in the right place!

This article is intended for those who are new to working from home, so if your company is requiring you to work from home, get the tools they provide you with first and then let them know what else is needed.

Popular Home Office Essentials

Recreating your current workspace at home is not an easy task, we don't all have spare rooms that can be turned into an office and that's ok, mobile work setups are a great solution.

A full Desktop PC setup is the ideal and there are a range of powerful PC builds available in all sizes to suit, but a laptop + docking station with full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor serves a similar purpose, while also being very easy to setup and put away when needed.

All in One Desktop PCs are another space-saving option, with the computer built into the monitor reducing the number of plug points needed and keeping it all very tidy.

Increase screen real-estate and productivity with an Ultrawide Monitor

If you are using a Laptop as the hub for your home office, it makes sense to invest in one or more large screen monitors to maximise productivity. You could opt for a monitor with a built-in web cameras if you will be doing lots of video calling or perhaps consider an Shop ultra-wide screen monitors at PB Tech which will make multi-tasking a breeze with resolutions able to support two application windows side by side. Don't forget a monitor arm if your screen supports VESA mounting to ensure superior positioning and comfort for those long days working away!

Maximise productivity with these useful PC Peripherals

Get more stuff done with PC Peripheral essentials such as full sized keyboards, mice, headsets and monitors. Track pads and 14" screens may work well when on the go, but once you're nestled into your home office a full sized keyboard and mouse is the way to go.

Call and conference like a pro with mic-integrated Headphones & Earphones

It can be pretty tough to find a quiet area of the house to work in. If you are working in a shared space, the last thing you want is to disturb others with your noise, or even worse, be disturbed by theirs! These amazing mic-enabled Headphones & Earphones will effortlessly handle all your calling and conferencing tasks as well as the equally important tasks such as listening to your favourite podcast or Spotify playlist. Some of these options even have noise-cancellation built-in to them. This is perfect for when your neighbours decide that the middle of your call is a great time to start mowing the lawn so that you won’t subject whoever you’re talking with or yourself to that noise.

Remote Video Conferencing? Chat easily with Webcams

In times where working from home is unavoidable, or you’re working in different parts of the world, a webcam can make things feel more personable. It’s frustrating only having audio in a conversation, and while nothing can substitute a face-to-face meeting, these webcams will give you the next best thing.

If this is something you feel you'll be doing a lot, and want to invest in a very good webcam, then the Logitech Rally Premium webcam is an excellent choice with full features such as 4K Ultra HD resolution, 15x zoom, Adaptive Pan, Tilt and Zoom.

Desktop microphones for clear, comfortable communication

A desktop microphone will make sure you are heard loud and clear. Although headphones and earphones now provide great mic quality, it's no question that a dedicated microphone will give you the best. 

Get comfortable with Chairs and Adjustable Desks

Creating a work space is important, If you can fit a desk somewhere then that’s great, but a height-adjustable chair will let you work from comfortably from the living room table if that's the space you need to use.

Take a moment to consider powerpoints and internet access points. This is a good way to quickly assess if you'll be needing to make a new space for working, or if you'll be changing an existing space to make it work-ready.

If you're going to be working from a regular table, a height-adjustable Deskalator and Ergonomic Chair could be ideal.

Plug in with Powerboards, Surge Guards and USB Charging Hubs

When it comes to getting power where you need it, nothing beats a good power board. Technology in this space has improved greatly with the times and most current models have surge protection features built-in, there are also newer versions which feature handy USB ports for convenient charging of your smartphone or other devices,

Home Networking, WiFi Extenders and Internet over Power.

In some cases, your ideal home office space won't have the best wireless coverage, if you find yourself in this situation then a WiFi range extender or Powerline device could be the solution you need.

A powerline device such as the TP-Link TL-PA8033P Kit is a set of two devices that go into your power points, you plug in the first one beside your modem/router and connect an ethernet cable to it, then pop the other one in another room connecting the ethernet cable to the PC. The devices will send your internet signal through the powerlines of your house. 

Powerline WiFi extenders, plug into a power point to connect to your existing wireless network and then re-broadcast the signal extending your range.

Printers, Ink and Toner

Completing the home office setup might require a printer, and having a reliable one in your home office means you can print, scan, and copy pages with ease.

If it's time for a laptop upgrade, we've got plenty of options!

Although it's the most important part of a work from home set up, we're putting it last because it's probably the first thing you got sorted. But if the laptop you're using is lagging and not keeping up with the grind, then it might be time for an upgrade, and the good news is PB Tech has a huge selection of laptops for you to choose from. 

Top tips for successfully working from home

Stick to your current work hours.

If you're currently working in the office form 9 am - 5 pm then start out by sticking to those hours at home. It might be tempting to sneak in a little extra work in your comfortable new surroundings this can cause you to lose sync with your co-workers - sending that last-minute email at 11 pm but then starting a little later the next day might not be the best idea.

Don't eat where you work - take your breaks.

It's very tempting when working from home to snack while you work, and this is fine so long as you also take your regular breaks. It's best to take these away from the space where you work too, a 10-minute sandwich break outside in the sunlight does a lot to freshen the mind and you'll find yourself more productive when you return your home workspace.

It's good to keep chatting with your co-workers.

I highly recommend staying social with co-workers while you work from home, and live chat apps like Facebook messager or WhatsApp can be used for this but whatever you choose it's a good idea to separate work life from your home life. It is tempting to connect with your out of work friends too, but they can be unintentionally distracting, so adjusting your online settings to show you as 'available' only to your co-workers during work hours, or quickly making a second account, make staying work social hassle-free.

We hope this helps on your mission to create the best home office space for you, we'll continue to update with more of the latest advice, guides and new products highlights - and one last thing before we go - if the kids get home at 4 pm, but you finish at 5 pm - a set of noise-cancelling headphones might become essential too!

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Nothing beats a pair of 4K monitors for work from home ;)

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1 year ago Reply Report


If you are looking at a 49" and you have a Macbook as your work device, just need to be careful with compatibility; a lot of the monitor manufacturers don't mention it but some do have compatibility issues and will not work with particular models (I believe the display resolution is the issue). Having a 49" ultrawide for home is really great for spreadsheets though! (and gaming) Just need to try and secure one for the real office now...

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1 year ago Reply Report


Nice summary. Tried a 34" widescreen over lock down instead of my normal 2 x screen setup and would never go back. Doubled down with USB C power from the display that means one plug and everything is connected. Crazy good.

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1 year ago Reply Report