Logitech G560 RGB Gaming Speakers - Hands On Review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - March 15th, 2018
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We've gone hands-on for our video review of the new Logitech G560 RGB Gaming Speakers, checking out the new features RGB features which are now integrating themselves into a range of games.

Enjoy amazing audio with 240 watts of peak power feeding an explosive, down-firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers with wide-angle drivers for a full range of clear, pure sound. The DTS:X Ultra engine renders 3D surround sound from PC games and also music, delivering heightened realism, accuracy, and a competitive edge.

These aren’t just great sounding speakers though!

Featuring Logitech LIGHTSYNC these speakers can actually react to the action happening in game! Playing GTA V and getting into trouble with the cops? Your speakers will be flashing blue and red while to race to escape the fuzz! Jamming a little Battlefield 1? Your speakers can alert you to gas by turning green or that you're currently on fire with a vibrant orange glow.

Picture of Logitech G560 RGB Speakers Back and Cables at PB Tech

With four lighting zones, two front facing and two projecting backwards you can customise from nearly 16.8 million colours to perfect your gaming setup.

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