Smart Clothing: The Future of Tech?

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - March 14th, 2017
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Levis’s and Google have collaborated to bring one of the first pieces of smart clothing onto the market. In line with the dancing robotic socks making headlines recently, the jacket debuts as the latest tech x fashion innovation in Spring 2017 at a steep $350 USD.

So what makes this jacket – which looks more like a fashion piece than anything – so smart? On the left cuff of the jacket sleeve lies a touch-screen interface to browse and use apps, adjust play/pause/skip functions while listening to music or trigger the clock display. All these settings can be customised using a companion Android app (since it’s Google tech it obviously flavours the Play Store – sorry Apple fans.) A black strap slots inconspicuously into the inside of the jacket is where the battery and USB port for charging purposes resides, and can be easily taken out for the jacket to be thrown in the washing machine.

On top of all the quirky, 21st-century features embedded into the jacket – it looks cool too. It’s specifically designed for cyclists, although you could easily pull off wearing it in other settings too. On the outside it’s a classic unisex denim jacket (more fabrics and patterns coming soon) and the touch-screen interface is subtly disguised as a popper sewn to the wrist side of the sleeve. An urban statement piece, we think that this collaboration will be ground-breaking in terms of wearable tech on the market and fashion blending in to the gadget world in the near future.


Learn more about the Project Jacquard by Google x Levi Jacket here

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