5 Ways to Improve Your Workstation Ergonomics

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - updated December 7th, 2023
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In this modern age, the average person spends the majority of their day in front of a computer tapping away on their keyboard, only to rinse and repeat for a few more days at a time. We make it work but the reality is, this can have long-term implications on our health and bodies if we don't put more care into how we do it.

Ergonomic workstation solutions are a great way to take some stress off of our bodies as we work. It's easy to push these types of products down the list of priorities as we reach for the best productivity monitors and headphones, but let's not forget, the ultimate wealth is health. Plus, when you feel good, you'll be more productive and inclined to show up as your best self. And when your health is going downhill, money spent at the doctors can only do so much and you'll wish you'd invested more in ergonomic workstation solutions before you reached that point. These are some of our must-haves for an ergonomic workstation!

1. Ergonomic Standing Desk

Your desk is at the center of your workstation so it's a great place to start when creating an ergonomic work set up. Did you know sitting for long periods of time can lead to poor posture, weak glutes and legs, stiff hips and shoulders, and even an increased risk of high blood pressure and blood sugar, amongst other things? That's why standing desks have been all the rave in recent years with many home users and offices adopting them into their workstations. 

Best Value - Loctek ET114G Eco Standing Desk

Loctek Ergonomic Eco Standing Desk in White
ET114G Ergonomic Eco Office Standing Desk in White
Loctek Ergonomic Eco Standing Desk in Honey Oak
ET114G Ergonomic Eco Office Standing Desk in Honey Oak

Loctek has a number of options to fit various requirements whether you're shopping based on size, features or budget. A popular option for those with simple needs is the ET114G Ergonomic Eco Office Standing Desk, available in White, Black and Honey Oak. This height adjustable desk enables you to effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing. It has a digital control panel that allows for a quiet, fast and seamless adjustment with the push of a button. It features a single motor, has 2 stages of height, a maximum weight capacity of 70kgs, and moves at constant speed of 20mm/s. With a clean, universal aesthetic, it's easily incorporated into any office or home environment.

Best Premium Desk - Loctek ET118B All-in-One

If you need a bit more than the basics, there are some other great options to choose from too. The Loctek ET118B All-in-One desk features tempered glass for some added durability and elegance, a spacious desk drawer, four height memory options, and a child lock. If you want all of the features, however, the ET223(IB) Premium Office Desk could be the one for you. It features dual motors for faster and more stable adjustment, enhanced anti-collision feature, three programmable memory presets and sit/stand reminder system, and a maximmum weight limit of 125kgs. 

Best Versatile Desk - Loctek MT026 Mobile Desk

If you don't have much space and need a workstation that's smaller, versatile and mobile, check out the Loctek MT026-7040 Height Adjustable Mobile Desk. With dimensions of 700x400x16mm, it's on the smaller side which is perfect for those with smaller spaces. The desktop fits almost any size laptop or tablet with keyboard, making it a great choice for a simple home office or study. What really stands out, however, is its mobility and C-shape.

This versatile desk is equipped with 4 hidden wheels to easily maneuver it anywhere you like. It also features a convenient "C" shaped base that allows for closer access from a chair or a bed. It can also be used as breakfast tray for bedridden patients and elderly (e.g. eating, reading, working) without having to get off their beds. While sitting at a bed or sofa while you're working isn't the most ergonomic choice, sometimes, you just need to do it and the addition of this desk will certainly make it more so than placing your laptop on your lap or coffee table!  

Alternatively, you can purchase a desktop riser/deskalator to place on an existing desk, or opt for a standing desk frame where you can add your own desk top for a fully customised look. 

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you're going to be standing throughout the day, we highly recommend adding an anti-fatigue mat. Standing for long periods can be tiring on your body too (especially if you're used to sitting all day) and when I first started standing at my desk, I could only stand for short bouts before aches in my legs and back would creep in. Anti-fatigue mats make all the difference and is must-have product for the ultimate ergonomic workstation. They can help reduce compression on your feet, spine and joints (so you'll notice less aches in these places as you stand), improved circulation, and added comfort and energy. You'll find that you can stand for much longer and you'll enjoy it more!

Best Value - Loctek Anti-Fatigue Mat

Locktek's Anti-Fatigue Mat features the highest-grade PU to eliminate pressure and provide superior support as you stand. While a long day on your feet can leave you achy and sore, with this durable anti-fatigue mat, the hours on your feet will fly by. This standing work solution has been designed for your comfort, ensuring that no matter where you work, you'll feel great and stay productive. The cushioned layer of support will suspend your body weight to reduce stress and fatigue, so you can enjoy the most out of your sit/stand desk set up. 

Best Premium Mat - FlexiSpot AFM001 Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you want the best, most comfortable standing experience at your desk, a premium anti-fatigue mat such as the FlexiSpot AFM001 is an excellent choice! What makes this mat extra special are the massage points that are designed to enhance your health and comfort. Your natural body movements stimulate a constant foot massage while standing on this anti-fatigue massage mat, thanks to the massage points and mounds. Standing on this mat will help wake up your tired feet, promote healthy blood circulation, and enhance physical and mental relaxation.

FlexiSpot AFM001 Anti-Fatigue Mat
With a thickness of 2.48cm, the AFM001 mat is super cushioned and comfortable
FlexiSpot AFM001 Anti-Fatigue Mat Bare Feet
Massage points and pounds will stimulate tired feet and promote blood circulation

Additionally, with a thickness of 2.48cm, the AFM001 mat is FlexiSpot's most cushioned and comfortable anti-fatigue mat, better distributing the force of gravity while you stand, reducing the pressure on your feet and enhancing your comfort. With dimensions of 32.3" x 20.5", the AFM001 anti-fatigue mat allows plenty of space for you to move and shift position throughout the day

This is what verified owner Hannah has to say about this mat, "I've used quite a few standing mats at my standing desk but this is my favourite by far. It's thick, cushy, and I love the different points for massaging my feet on the mat. I stand at my desk at least 4 hours a day and this mat is perfect. I have been recommending the mat to friends and family who also use a standing desk." (July 2023)

3. Ergonomic Office Chair

We sit a lot! Whether it's only for a fraction of the day (thanks to an ergonomic sit/stand desk) or for the entire day, an ergonomic office chair will do wonders for your comfort, health, and posture. Prolonged periods of sitting in a bad chair can lead to back pain, neck pain, and headaches, and contribute to pain in other areas like arms, wrist, and hands too.

Popular Choice - Loctek YZ101

Loctek's YZ101 and YZ201 are two popular options that offer reliable ergonomic support. The breathable mesh back and passive lumbar support encourages a better posture and helps to take some pressure off of your body. Additionally, the high-density molding seat cushion is designed for all-day comfort and support. While the YZ201 is fairly basic and only offers adjustable height and tilt, the YZ101 also features an adjustable arm rest and an adjustable headrest. 

Premium Choice - Loctek YZ502

If you'll be sitting for most the day and/or already suffer from related aches and pains, then it could be worth investing in a chair that offers additional support. The YZ502 features a 3D Lumbar support system that ergonomically conforms to the neck and spine for maximum headrest and lumbar support. A 4D cushioned armrest contours to your arms and elbows for maximum support, and the adjustable seat depth lets you customise your sitting experience according to your body shape. This seat even has a 45° backrest tilt so you can put you can recline and put your feet up when it's time for a break. 

Chair Accessories

Need to raise the height of your seat a fraction more or need some extra ergonomic support? Perhaps you need an ergonomic seat cusion such as Loctek's SC2 Ergonomic Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion. This cushion was designed with ergonomic principles recommended by orthopedic doctors for promoting good posture, reducing strain on the spine, and relieving back pain such as sciatica. The non-flat design is recommended to relieve pain from a variety of issues such as back pain & sciatica, herniated discs, arthiritis, spinal alignment issues, pregnancy, and more! It has a non-slip rubber bottom which keeps the cusion secure and supports up to 136kg of weight.

4. Monitor/Desk Mount

Loctek Monitor Mount
Loctek Monitor Mount

As much of a small detail as it may seem, the position of your monitor plays a huge part in workstation ergonomics. If it's positioned incorrectly, you may experience a stiff neck and shoulders, which can go on to affect other parts such as your back too. Your monitor height should be at a level where the top of the screen is at, or slightly below, eye level. At this level, your eyes should be looking slightly downward to view the center of your screen. Loctek has a great range of monitor arms and mounts that will let you adjust your monitor to the right position. Depending on what mount you choose, they can allow you to adjust the height, swivel, tilt and rotate the monitor. 

5. Ergonomic PC Accessories

Now that you have the foundation of your ergonomic setup considered, finish it off with some ergonomic PC accessories. An ergonomic workstation can go a long way in improving our posture and overall health; but let's not neglect the more minor details of our set up as this can also have long-term impacts. When we are at our desks, we are repetively typing and clicking away and over-time, this can lead to RSI (reptitive strain injury) and niggly little aches and pains if we aren't careful. 

Luckily, ergonomic computer accessories can help to reduce or even avoid them. Consider adding an ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, extra supports (e.g. wrist/arm or cushioning), and an ergonomic gel mousepad to your setup to offer an extra level of support and comfort within your setup. Check out some popular options below!

Take care of your health now or regret it later, the choice is yours. If you're ready to invest in yourself with an Ergonomic Workstation, you can get started with one of the many solutions from this list!

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