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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - October 6th, 2016
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The UE Roll was one of the most eye catching and recognisable waterproof speakers when it was released last year and this year’s model comes with a few modest upgrades over its predecessor.

We get an actual box this time, which isn't really as cool as the box that turned into a poster from last year. The speaker itself looks identical, with a diameter of 133mm and its sits at 330 grams, so it’s really light and still retains that good size that fits in your palm.

I really like the front mesh exterior, with the stitched in plus and minus and the volume buttons underneath feel a little more clicky than last year’s model. On the back there’s two buttons for power and Bluetooth pairing, and near the bottom of the device we find a little flap covering a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro-USB port to charge the speaker with the included flat cable.

We also get this nice bungie cable, so you could strap it to your bag, your bike or even hang it in the shower because this thing is IPX7 certified which means it can be completely submerged in water up to one-meter-deep for 30 minutes, although it doesn't float, so this year we get an inflatable ring for the pool, which is a welcomed addition.

Some other upgrades included its now 15% louder without losing any clarity and the Bluetooth range has been increased to 30m which is really good compared to all the other Bluetooth speakers around this price point. The sound is impressive for the size, inside there’s one 2” driver and two 3/4" tweeters so your mids and highs sound really crisp, the only place this speaker really falls short is in the bass, if you're listening to music with a lot of low end frequency’s, it tends to sound a little empty.

The UE Roll app is really cool, you can set alarms, play with the EQ and even pair two speakers together for stereo sound, the UI is clean and easy to navigate.

Bottom line is this speaker is really good for the price, it’s easy to take with you and you don’t really have to worry about being too rough with it. I wouldn’t say it’s worth upgrading if you own the first model, but if you're looking for a durable speaker to take on the go and don’t want to spend too much the refined UE Roll 2 performs really well for the price.

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