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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 30th, 2016
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Logitech's keyboards and mice are very strong contenders in the high-end peripheral market, now they have just recently released their new prodigy line, which is aimed more at that mid-range market.

We get three new gaming peripherals in the prodigy range; the G213 keyboard, the G403 mouse and the G231 gaming headset.

First off, let’s take a look at the G213 gaming keyboard.

The designs cool, the top has a matte black finish while the edges stay glossy. there’s a built-in non-removable wrist rest and at the top, we find discrete media controls, similar to the design we found on the G810.

Logitech has replaced the volume wheel with a volume rocker. The stop button is now square, which not only differentiates between play and stop but also visually separates the skip track keys, which I think looks a lot nicer.

Unlike the G810 though, this keyboard is not mechanical. Logitech calls them “mech-dome” keys. Basically they're membrane switches that mimic the feel of mechanical keys. They have the same 4mm of travel distance as the G810, the same keycaps and require only 5g of extra force to actuate. They actually feel pretty good, very tactile and a lot nicer then I was first expecting.

We get a 1.8m thick braided cable, that will be pretty hard to break. There's Full 16.8 million colour RGB, which seems to be slightly dimmer then what we see on the G810, but will still do the trick in the dark.

All these products use Logitech’s gaming software, although there’s no individual key lighting, rather the keyboard is split into four lighting zones, and your macro mapping is restricted to just the Function keys.

It’s a different experience to mechanical, but it’s a good keyboard, its spill-resistant so if you knock over a cup of water, your keyboard will be fine. If you're someone looking for that gamer feel but don’t want to spend too much this is a very good alternative.

Next up we have the G403 gaming mouse.

This is something pretty exciting. Basically it’s the G900 at half the price. It’s very comfortable to hold. You get 2 macro buttons on the left and a DPI button on the top that switches between four DPI settings, which can all be customised in software. There’s RGB LEDs in the logo as well as the scroll wheel and it uses the same PMW3366 sensor from the G900, which is a very well-recognised sensor for gaming. it comes in wireless and wired options and of course, you can plug the wireless model in and use it wired while it's charging.

It’s the same weight as the G900, sitting at 107g but in the box, they include an optional extra 10g if you want to make it a little heavier, which is all held in by magnets. Again, just like the G900 it’s got DPI ranging from 200 all the way to 12,000 and operates on its own custom 2.4ghz connection.

This is a very good mouse, its comfortable, responsive, and has great internal specs. You get on-board storage from saving profiles inside your mouse while you're moving around and it sits at a very good price for a wireless gaming peripheral with only a millisecond response time.

Finally, we have the G231 gaming headset.

With a matte finish, reflective G logos, and orange trim. I think it looks pretty good. It’s really light but still feels solid. The ear cups are soft and fit completely over my ears which did a pretty decent job at isolating external sound. The boom microphone sounded all right, defiantly decent enough for yelling at your teammates online and doesn't seem to pick up too much background noise.

The hinge on the mic is smooth and you can turn the ear cups to place flat on your desk. We get the same quality braided cable, two meters long, and there’s in-line controls for volume and a mute switch for the microphone. Also in the box, there’s an adapter for splitting the input and output channels. The sound quality is pretty impressive, the 40mm drivers actually deliver a lot of bass and you get a good sense of special awareness while gaming.

Overall these are all great products, The quality is impressive for the price. If you're after some gaming gear but don’t want to break the bank you should check these products out yourself and see what you think.

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