The Acbel Power King Is Essentially The Only Power Adapter You Need!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 24th, 2016
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Consider the fact that when your power adapter goes missing or stops working all together, it can actually be quite difficult to find the correct one for your specific model.

The AcBel Power King is a universal power adapter that comes complete with 13 changeable tips and fits almost all laptops. The product packaging includes a chart situated on the back of the box that lets you know which particular tip you should be using for your laptop, making it easy for the user to determine the correct tip and allowing them to find and connect that tip and start charging.

Of course, the original power adapters are always the preferred choice because it was built for your particular model, but these can be quite expensive and difficult to track down as laptop models are constantly progressing, and in some cases leaving older components outdated. A universal adapter is a fraction of the cost and offers a few advantages, like being able to use one adapter to charge all of the laptops in your household. This reduces the fact that you need to have various different cords available, whereas this one product is able to meet your requirements as a power supply across your various devices.

Alternatively, you could use one as a spare which you can leave at work for convenience and not have to worry about disconnecting it each day to take home with you. If you upgrade your laptop, the AcBel Power King is also able to work on your new laptop too, unless you’re using an Apple product where it actually isn’t compatible.

The AcBel Power King comes in both 65W and 90W variants, and includes a 3 year warranty giving you peace of mind. This product is highly useful and a great idea, and is something every laptop owner should own, or at least be aware of.

To find out more about this product or other power cord options either head over to your local PB branch or have a look online!

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