What tools do I need when working with video?

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated May 5th, 2022
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Those working in the film industry, or perhaps even people with a passing interest in throwing videos together for friends and family, need the right tools.

This means choosing a great camera, a desktop PC, for actually editing the video and storing the files, or perhaps a laptop if you prefer editing on the go. Other considerations include the accessories that make video production far easier, such as headphones and carry bags.

Here are a few great products that can help to enhance your video production skills.

A great camera

There's no video without the camera, and you'll need a good one if you hope to create videos that look great. Canon and Nikon are the two major players - offering DSLRs at a range of price points. If you're after a basic camera that's capable of 1080p video, you can't go wrong with the Canon EOS 3000D. This camera has great specifications and a low price to match!

A powerful PC

After you've shot your video, you're going to need a powerful PC to actually edit the files and add transitions, titles and effects. Consider a custom PC from PB Tech if you want a computer that's affordable and powerful. What's more, you can upgrade these PCs as required - adding in new parts for greater performance.

A laptop can also be useful, particularly one with a graphics card and powerful processor. This means you can touch up videos on the go or while travelling - certainly useful!

The accessories

Our list of equipment doesn't end here, however; there are a number of other useful tools you can take advantage of.

  • Tripod: A piece of equipment that videographers can't live without - a tripod enables you to capture stable video and leave your camera to record in a steady position.
  • GoPro: A tiny 4K camera that comes with waterproof housing and mounts for nearly every surface, the GoPro can be great for capturing unique shots wherever you are.
  • Carry bags: How can you transport all of this gear? Strong carry bags are the best option. Brands like Lowepro are proven to be easy to carry and capable of storing all of your gear.

While getting involved in video production requires a fair amount of planning, it's not altogether that difficult with the right gear. Get in touch with PB Tech today if you'd like to find out what equipment you need!

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