All work and no play? 3 alternative uses for your drone

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 18th, 2015
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Drone technology grew to prominence thanks to its myriad uses and applications in military situations. While any initial offerings that were made available to the public were either difficult to use or incredibly expensive, they are now more accessible than ever and are slowly becoming a consumer tech must-have.

Of course, there are a diverse range of drones available. For example, a high-end offering like the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcoptor has a 4k camera fitted for incredibly detailed and professional photo and video output, while the Parrot Mini Drone has an emphasis on fun and maneuverability.

Whichever drone you choose, you will no doubt find many uses for it. However, here are a few alternative things that you can do with your new flying purchase:

Event photography

While drones have long been used in the film industry and by professional production companies to garner aerial images, the practice hasn't quite made the switch to the commercial arena.

However, providing you follow all of the applicable rules, your drone can capture an angle of an event that you may not have seen or considered before. Using music festivals as an example, drones can be implemented to take high-flying images of the acts and vast crowds.

In fact, the annual Burning Man festival, which takes place in Nevada, was so inundated with people trying to partake in aerial photography, that the event's organisers had to lay on a 'drone summit' to establish the rules and allow interested parties to connect with each other.


Drones are perfect for any kind of aerial surveillance, but their practicality is extended further when that capability is twinned with a hobby. To that end, drones are perfect for fisherman looking to get a better vantage point of where their next target lies.

The best way to spot a potential catch is from high above the water, and utilising any drone with a camera in just such a situation is likely to make the whole endeavour a lot more fruitful.

Route planning

Do you ever set out walking or driving and wish you hadn't? The commute can really drag if you have to deal with a huge amount of people or vehicular traffic. Drones can help.

Send yours up in the morning before you leave the house and you can get an idea of how hectic the journey is likely to be. While you'll only be able to gauge the first part of your trip, as any drone should be kept within sight at all times, you could save a precious few minutes and a whole lot of hassle by seeking out the least busy route.

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