4 advantages of an e-Reader

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated May 17th, 2022
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As more and more content is delivered online, the need to read hard copies of anything is gradually being diminished. The newspaper industry is currently going through a difficult phase as fewer people pick up physical copies, and magazines are similarly following closely behind.

Books, however, remain as popular as ever. This is due in no small part to the emergence of the ereader (also known as an ebook). These tablet-like devices make it easy to carry an entire library of books around in one convenient package!

If you're a bibliophile and still haven't considered one, here are four reasons why you should pick one up.

Read anywhere and everywhere

If you're really into books, you probably like to read in as many places and as much of the time as possible. Using an e-reader can make this a reality.

Whether you're eating, commuting or just lounging, the little annoyances - like getting distracted and losing your page - will never be an issue again.

The vast majority of e-readers have bookmarks and dictionaries built-in, so they can simultaneously help you better understand the book and keep you on track, unlike their old-fashioned equivalents.

Free up space

As touched upon, using an e-reader can make it simple to collapse down any existing book collection. Not only can this save room in your backpack, but it may also clean up space in your home too!

Having a vast collection of books is one thing, but actually keeping them anywhere can quickly present a big problem. The majority of e-readers have the capacity to hold over 1,000 books, meaning that you can vastly grow your collection without cluttering up your living space.

A quality reading experience

One of the main arguments of sceptics is that e-readers aren't as tactile and don't unlock the 'magic' that owning and reading a hard copy of any book does.

While that remains a matter of opinion, devices now use what is known as a paperwhite screen that has been aesthetically designed to look like the genuine pages of a physical book, the crystal clear display and incredibly sharp text will win even the fiercest traditionalists around.

Cost savings

Hard copies of books can head towards the $50 mark in some cases, which further emphasises how much money you could save over the course of the life of an e-reader. Furthermore, the different marketplaces that can be used to download books will usually offer some form of free content, meaning you can stimulate any passion for reading on the cheap.

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