How to Create The Best PC Gaming Setup

Jacob King By Jacob King - updated November 21st, 2023
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Are you about to embark on an epic quest to create the ultimate gaming PC set up? Oh, well then, this isn't your run-of-the-mill ho-hum mission. There's a lot that goes into this and perhaps you need a bit of expert advice and recommendations. The ultimate gaming experience is about so much more than just the parts inside the case. From the heart of your setup - the PC, to the peripherals that become an extension of yourself, down to the chair that will cradle you through ample gaming sessions, we're about to deep dive into it all. Let's take a look at all of the necessary puzzle pieces to creating a truly great gaming PC set up. 

The Gaming PC

First and foremost, let's tackle the cornerstone of the gaming setup: The Gaming PC. But remember, assembling a gaming PC isn’t about randomly gluing together parts - it’s more like a strategic game itself, where each piece has a valuable role. Your mighty processor, powerful GPU, and sizeable RAM are the obvious champions. Then there are other things, such as a WiFi card, to consider if you don't want to run ethernet cables; or the PC case seeing as this will feature fairly prominently next to your desk. Check out pre-built gaming PCs here or if you're planning on building your own, it's worth checking out some of our guides below:

The Gaming Monitor

Next on list, we come to the window to your gaming world - the Gaming Monitor. Think about it, this is your eyes on the ground in every virtual battlefield or fantasy realm. What we're saying here is, don't skimp on the screen! This isn't just a flashy billboard, it's a vital part of your gaming experience. Curved or flat, one screen or three, we're all about hitting that sweet spot between performance and visuals. Hunting for the perfect resolution, refresh rate, and screen size can feel like searching for a legendary loot drop in an MMO, but hey, don't fret! The following articles might come in handy as you hunt for your ultimate gaming monitor.

The Keyboard

Onwards, to the instrument beneath your fingers - the Gaming Keyboard. An underestimated hero, the keyboard, in fact, is your reliable ally that channels your strategies directly into the game. The key (pun intended) to an optimal gaming experience lies in selecting a keyboard that not only opens the door to quicker responses and personalized customisation but also offers superior comfort. With choices ranging from mechanical to membrane keyboards, varying types of key switches, and numerous macro programming possibilities, the right keyboard can be as pivotal to your winning streak as your gaming strategy. Refer to these guides below to help you find the best gaming keyboard.

The Mouse

The next important tool to your gaming arsenal - the Gaming Mouse. A trusty sidekick, your mouse does more than simply point-and-click; it’s your in-game weapon. Consider it your in-game arm - you want something that is precise, comfortable and reliable. Picking the right one can be a real game-changer. You’ll want to consider various factors such as wired vs wireless, DPI settings for sensitivity, ergonomic design for comfort, and maybe even extra buttons that could spell the difference between a glorious win and a tragic defeat. Remember, every click counts, so gear up to find a trusty mouse that'll have your back in even the most intense gaming moments. Your victory might be just a click away!

The Sound

Next up, important for a truly immersive experience - the Speakers and/or Gaming Headset. These aren't just for blasting game soundtracks or making those explosion effects shake your room. In gaming, audio is more than a sidekick - it's your guide, your early warning system, your atmosphere setter. We're talking about dropping you right into the middle of the action with immersive surround sound, helping to build tension with detailed audio fidelity, or even giving you the competitive edge with directional sound in online gameplay. Whether it’s the dramatic roar of an alien boss, the nostalgic hum of a retro soundtrack, or the whisper of an enemy’s footstep, the right speakers or headsets can make all the difference.

The Desk Setup

And now, let's not forget the unsung heroes of the gaming setup - the Desk and the literal seat of power - the Gaming Chair. In the midst of all that high-tech gadgetry, it's easy to forget that comfort is king! Diving into a long gaming session? You'll want a desk with plenty of space for your rig and peripherals while maintaining ergonomic harmony. Then there's your chair. Does it support your back? Is it adjustable? Casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts alike know too well - a perfect setup isn't merely about what’s on your PC, but also about where you park yourself in the real world. 

Other Considerations

Let's not forget the other hidden gems that add that an edge to the ultimate gaming setup. From an ultra-crisp microphone that keeps you in touch with the crew, to a sturdy monitor mount that helps you achieve that perfect viewing angle. LED strips that throw out just the right ambiance to match your in-game mood, headphone holders, cable management tools, the list goes on. These unsung heroes might not seem as flashy as a cutting-edge GPU or epic triple-screen display, but they're the support class of your gaming setup. They’re here to firm up your foundations, tie the room together, and ensure you’ve got the slickest setup in town. 

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The ONEX GX1 might make a good replacement for my old DX Racer chair. The leather is shedding from the years of use and abuse.

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