How to create the best PC gaming setup

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 6th, 2014
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Creating a gaming PC is about so much more than the parts inside the case, and getting the most out of the experience will involve careful consideration across a number of products. Commonly, these are the keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor and even the chair.

Here, we'll take a look at all of the necessary pieces of the puzzle to put together a truly great gaming PC setup.

The PC

While the PC isn't the sole consideration, it's certainly the most important. When putting together a gaming PC, make sure that every component supports what you want to do.

A powerful processor, GPU and ample RAM are necessary, but a WiFi card can also be useful if you don't want to run ethernet cables.

A case is also vital, given that it's something that will feature fairly prominently next to your desk.

The monitor

To 4K or not to 4K? That is the question, and fortunately it's a pretty easy answer. These high-resolution screens offer clarity that's perfect for video editing, and deliver amazing visuals in games. However, the monitors can tax computers as the graphics card will need to output double or even triple the resolution in some cases.

If you're willing to buy a powerful GPU and CPU, then 4K monitors should definitely be considered.

The keyboard

Another component that might seem unnecessary to go beyond the basics, the right gaming keyboard can actually offer useful additional functionality.

Models from Logitech and Razer include support for backlights, so-called 'macro' keys (great for assigning shortcuts) and volume controls.

The mouse

Equally important to the keyboard is the mouse, a peripheral as old as PC gaming itself. These devices have come a long way since the single-click wooden units of the 1980s, however, and now include shortcut keys, laser tracking and wireless capabilities.

The speakers

A good headset is certainly going to be a prime consideration, but you won't always need to bottle up the sound.

For when you're sharing the PC with someone else, or watching video, it's great to have a good set of speakers - preferably with a subwoofer.

External speakers are also relatively inexpensive, and it doesn't cost much to purchase a great surround sound unit.

Other considerations

There are other factors that need to go into a gaming PC build, but none are as important as the above five. If you're serious about creating the best possible experience, comfortable chairs and monitor mounts can help to make your gaming sessions as enjoyable as possible.

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