How to set up the perfect home entertainment network

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 11th, 2014
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Home entertainment has come a long way since the days of VHS tapes and CRT TVs, and there are a number of useful technologies to make viewing media at home as easy as possible.

Of course, it can often be difficult to nail down exactly what hardware you need to create the perfect setup.

Take a look at the guide below to get started putting the best home entertainment system in place.

The television

Even with the spread of computers, the TV is still king of the living room, and this is title is still rightfully applied given the range of new TVs.

The LG 55" Full HD LED TV (55LB5820) is the perfect unit as the centrepoint of your home entertainment network, given the Tru Motion technology, DLNA access and internet capabilities.

The media drive

Once the TV is in place, it's time to hook up a media drive. These are pieces of hardware that are essentially computer hard drives with network capabilities.

The Seagate Central is one of the best, and only requires a brief, easy setup to get working. Once it's up and running, you can copy your music, videos and photos onto the drive from a computer. This content is then accessible from the TV and even other PCs and mobile devices on the same network.

The universal remote

If you're planning on plugging a PC directly into the TV, chances are you're going to want a universal remote to control both the TV and PC.

The Logitech Harmony remote can control PCs, TVs and other home entertainment hardware such as Blu Ray players. Once it's been set up there's no need to have multiple remotes lying around the lounge.

Set-top box

If you've decided to use an older TV for your media centre, one without many of the modern connected capabilities, you can still link to the internet and the Seagate Central drive.

All it requires is a set-top box, such as the Chromecast media player. Simply plug it into the TV, and you're able to link into online video content such as YouTube.

Those who have Apple devices at home may want to consider an Apple TV unit, as it supports iTunes (Video purchasing/rentals and music).

If you're having trouble finding the right technology for your home entertainment setup, come and talk to the friendly team at PB Technologies.

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