5 Best AI Features to Use on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Ainsley McKay By Ainsley McKay - February 21st, 2024
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Samsung's latest offering, the Galaxy S24 Series, is equipped with groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to revolutionise the way we interact with our handheld devices. From new and intelligent search functions to real-time language translations, the AI in the Galaxy S24 Series promises to make everyday tasks simpler, more efficient, and thoroughly enjoyable. In this article, we talk about 5 awesome AI features that are available on the new Galaxy S24 smartphones. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your smartphone with these smart AI integrations!

1. Circle to Search with Google

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is the first to introduce this intuitive gesture-driven search function. Whether you’re scrolling through your social media feed or watching a video where something piques your interest or curiosity, simply draw a virtual circle around the object or area directly on your screen. The Circle to Search technology will conjure relevant Google Search results, instantly providing you with some answers without having to navigate away from what you’re doing. Spotted an outfit that you like the look of? Or perhaps you want to know the location of the picturesque view point someone has posted? Simply circle to search!

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 - Circle to Search With Galaxy AI
Circle, tap, or scribble anything to see helpful search results from Google.
Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 - Circle to Search With Galaxy AI
Instantly get answers without having to navigate away.

2. Live Translate

For those who like to travel the world, the Live Translate feature will be a handy sidekick. It removes communication hurdles by providing near real-time translations right through your phone app - whether that’s through text or voice calls. Need to call up front reception in a foreign country? Galaxy AI makes it a piece of cake, whether you speak the language or not. Live Translate will allow you to have two-way real-time voice translation on your phone call. Currently, it’s capable of translating in up to 13 languages, with additional languages to come in future updates.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series - Live Translate with Galaxy AI
Live Translate offers real-time voice and text translations with up to 13 different languages.
Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series - Live Translate with Galaxy AI
Option to mute voices so only the translation can be heard.

3. Generative Edit

Need to remove people from the background of your images but don’t have the pro-level skills to do it? The Generative Edit tool within Galaxy AI will take care of that and more with just a few taps. It makes recomposing and remastering images a piece of cake. Using this feature is simple - all you need to do is long tap on a subject in a photo to move, resize, or remove it. You don’t have to worry about a blank space being left behind either. It will intelligently fill in the space with a background that matches the rest of the image.

4. Notes Assist

Note-taking on your phone gets even better with the help of Note Assist. Available within the Samsung Notes app, the Notes Assist tool offers AI-generated summaries of your notes, pre-made templates to streamline your note-taking, spelling and grammar correction, and cover creation that makes your notes easy to find and navigate with a brief preview. Additionally, it can even translate your notes into different languages - perfect for if you’re working with an international team or audience.

5. Transcript Assist

If you’re a fan of recording voice memos, the Transcript Assist tool will be incredibly handy for you. This tool will transcribe, translate, and even summarise your voice memos, making the process of taking business notes and other documents more convenient. This feature is available through the Voice Recorder app. After recording your voice notes, click on the recording and hit ‘Transcribe’ (you also have the option of translating it into another language from here too). A transcription will be available for you to view along with a summary (containing keywords, sections, and bullet points on your voice recording).

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 - Transcript Assist With Galaxy AI
Transcribe, translate, and even summarise your voice memos,
Picture of Samsung Galaxy S24 - Transcript Assist With Galaxy AI
Your voice memos summarised with keywords, sections and bullet points.

With tools like Generative Edit, Notes Assist, and Transcript Assist enhancing how we edit photos, take notes, and document our ideas; and Circle to Search and Live Translate redefining everyday interactions and making our digital lives more effortless - the S24 Series positions itself as an indispensable companion for the modern tech-savvy individual. Embrace the future of mobile technology with the AI-powered Galaxy S24 and elevate your smartphone experience to new heights of convenience and productivity. 

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