New RTX 40 Series SUPER Graphics Cards!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 18th, 2024
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Amid a torrent of reviews from around the world, new NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards are available now in New Zealand!


The RTX SUPER is a new graphics option that joins the NVIDIA 40 Series range, the cooler designs from brand partners look to be very similar to previous versions, with some variations in thickness but otherwise they don't look to sport any new NVIDIA SUPER style branding. Unlike the previous RTX 4070 range there is no 8-Pin option to be seen yet, with all new models using the 12+4 Pin PCIe power input which is now native on many ATX 3.0 power supplies, there is also an multi 8-pin to 16-Pin adaptor included in the box with all new RTX SUPER graphics cards. Wattage wise it varies from card to card, with options such as the GALAX RTX 4070 SUPER 1-CLICK OC X2 recommending a 600W PSU, MSI VENTUS 2X recommending a 650W PSU, Gigabyte EAGLE OC recommending a 700W PSU and ASUS TUF Gaming PC recommending a 750W PSU. The highest wattage in the RTX 4080 SUPER looks to be the ASUS ROG RTX 4080 SUPER with 850W recommended.

Picture of RTX 4070 SUPER Graphics Card with 16-Pin power input
Unlike the previous RTX 4070 models, these newer RTX 4070 SUPER graphics cards are using the latest 16-Pin connection which is now native on many of the latest ATX 3.0 PSU, so be sure to check for this if you're planning a new build!

The new RTX 4070 SUPER sports 20% more CUDA Cores than the original GeForce RTX 4070, and is the great for gaming in the latest and greatest titles. In the most graphically intensive games, NVIDIA claim the GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER is faster than the GeForce RTX 3090 while using less power, with DLSS 3 it’s apparently 1.5x faster.

For gamers and designers looking to upgrade from using a prior generation GeForce RTX 3070 or RTX 2070, this looks to offer a solid performance boost - when paired with a nice CPU, some fast RAM and SSD storage, the new RTX 4070 SUPER is set to blast past the 100 FPS mark in many of today’s best and most demanding games at high resolutions.

Looking first at the ASUS TUF 750W version as that's likely a very good match for a new RTX 4070 SUPER based gaming pc build in terms of wattage. ASUS have embraced the new TUF logo with this one, inside and out, and it's looking great, somewhat military looking with various embossed and indented detail that give it a real premium vibe.

Picture of direct connect 16-pin cable for RTX 40 series graphics cards on Asus TUF PSU
There is a direct connect 16-pin cable for RTX 40 series graphics cards on the new TUF PSU
Picture of ASUS TUF PSU internal components
The ASUS TUF Power Supply uses premium components, a coated PCB and low-ESR Japanese capacitors
Picture of ASUS TUF PSU at Hardwired News NZ
Rugged with a somewhat armoured look to the design, the new TUF PSU options are excellent

Inside we get to enjoy ASUS flagship fan design, with low-ESR Japanese capacitors to ensure efficient operation and PCB protection for efficient, durable power delivery, with an 80+ GOLD rating too. The range does include higher wattage options, so no matter which RTX you settle on, a new TUF ATX 3.0 PSU will be ready to reliably fuel your rig for years to come.

Cooler Master was the first to release a range of 16-Pin ready options, and the most recent is the eye-catching Cooler Master V850(i) Gold which not only sports the 80+ GOLD rating, but also includes some gold metallics in the shroud design.

Picture of the Cooler Master V850 Power Supply gold detail
The Cooler Master V850(i) has an eye-catching gold metallic on the side with a subtle CM logo in purple
Picture of CM 850i PSU for RTX 40 series graphics cards
The V Gold uses a 135mm silent fan for quiet performance in both low and high fan-speed scenarios
Picture of CM 850i Gold Power Supply modular outputs
With a fully modular setup, your system cables will match your individual components reducing clutter

Compliant with ATX 3.0 standard and with the 12VHPWR (16-Pin) connector, this V Series Gold can support peak power up to 200% more than rated power and it does it with minimal noise thanks to the use of a Cooler Master 135mm silent fan for quiet performance in both high & low fan-speed scenarios.

The new Corsair power supply is named SHIFT, but it's not quite so easy to fit for some because of the way they side-mounted the cables, but if you have the clearance this one is pretty neat! Unlike the ASUS & Cooler Master PSU options above, this one doesn't actually have a 16-Pin direct modular connection, instead, Corsair has opted to include their own 2x8-Pin to 16-Pin adaptor.

With outputs on the side, the Corsair SHIFT PSU is a very unique option indeed!
The Corsair Shift 16-pin cable is a unique flat cable adaptor
The Corsair SHIFT PSU come with flat cable 16-pin cable adaptor for RTX 40 series
Picture of Corsair Shift PSU side at Hardwired News NZ
The design is pretty sleek, with with model ID and logo on black metal

This power supply is perfectly suited for those using the Corsair 7000D chassis, but the power supply cables should fit in any ATX PSU savvy PC case that's 210mm wide.

Rounding off with a massive new power supply option from NZXT, and with 1200w to play with, this one is good for monster gaming builds. Much like the Cooler Master gold above this NZXT C- Series PSU uses a 135mm fan for lower noise under load, and it can stop the fan completely for zero noise when the system is just sipping power.

Picture of NZXT 1200w C Series PSU rear 16-pin output for RTX 40 series graphics cards
All ports on the NZXT C-Series 1200w PSU are clearly labeled, with the 16-Pin 12VHPWR output bottom right
Picture of NZXT 1200W PSU top fan
Much like the Cooler Master PSU above, the NZXT C-Series 1200W uses a low noise 135mm fan for cooling
Picture of the NZXT 1200W C-Series PSU at Hardwired News NZ
Like all NZXT C-Series PSU, this new 1200W option is clean and tidy

Constructed with all Japanese 105C-rated capacitors for the highest standard in performance, reliability, and longevity, it's built to handle everything that a 40-Series system can push.

It's great to see all the new graphics card options, se sure to keep your eyes on Hardwired News for more of the latest & best!

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