Those Hidden Features On Your ASUS Router You May Not Know About

Jacob King By Jacob King - October 31st, 2023
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ASUS routers have earned a significant place in the home networking technology space with their exceptional performance and myriad of features. But did you know that along with strong and reliable connectivity, your ASUS router has hidden functionalities that could make your life easier, enhance your overall browsing experience, and provide additional layers of security? If you aren’t already aware of these, keep reading, and we will show you how to make the most out of your ASUS router. 

1. Auto USB Backup WAN

The Auto USB Backup WAN feature is one of the hidden gems of ASUS routers. It automatically backups your router's Wide Area Network (WAN) settings to your iPhone, Android Phone, or a USB dongle. This means that if your primary WAN connection drops, connecting your USB or smartphone to the ASUS router will provide continued internet access. Follow these steps to initiate the process on your smartphone.


iPhone Users

  • On your phone, go to Setting > Cellular, tap Set Up Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and make sure that it is on.
  • Plug your iPhone to your router’s USB port.
  • When your backup WAN is ready, you'll get a push notification (given that you've installed the Router app and turned on notifications).

Android Users

  • Connect your Android phone to the USB port on your router.
  • Access the Network settings on your Android phone.
  • Activate USB Tethering.
  • When your backup WAN is ready, you'll get a push notification (given that you've installed the Router app and turned on notifications).

If you have issues connecting, check out some troubleshooting tips here.

2. Easy WiFi Sharing

Easy WiFi Sharing is a feature on ASUS routers that simplifies the process of sharing your WiFi access with others. With this feature, you don't have to reveal your password or manually enter details on your visitor's devices. It makes sharing your WiFi connection more secure and hassle-free, and is particularly useful for gatherings where multiple guests need access to the internet. Instead, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Open up ASUS router app
  • Go under “Settings > WiFi > Share your WiFi”
  • Select “Share WiFi with your family” if you wish to share your WiFi settings to family members via QR Code.
  • Select “Share WiFi with your friends” to share Guest network with friends via QR Code.
  • Save these QR codes to your phone or print them out.
  • Once you have these, visitors can simply scan this QR code using their smartphone which will allow them to connect to your network instantly.

3. VPN Fusion

VPN Fusion lets you connect to multiple VPN servers at once and allocate various client devices to different VPN tunnels as needed. It also enables VPN connections to your home network without needing VPN software. Devices like mobiles, notebooks, smart TVs, and game consoles can use this feature for multiple VPN connections, without disrupting the original internet connection. Use the following steps to set it up via the ASUS Router app.

  • Open up ASUS Router App and log in. Go to Settings > VPN Fusion, and “Add profile” to set up a new VPN Tunnel.
  • Complete your VPN configuration, and Enable “Apply to all devices” if you would like to using this profile as default internet connection.
  • Press “Apply all settings”. 
  • “Default Connection” will show up if it's settled. Then enable the profile.

To set it up via ASUS Router WebGUI, follow these steps here. Need to download the latest firmware? Visit the ASUS Download Center.

4. Instant Guard

The free public WiFi available in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and airports, is rarely secure, making it easy for hackers to snatch any data you transmit online, like credit card particulars, corporate data, emails, messages, and whatnot. Instant Guard uses the power of your ASUS router to offer secure internet access, even when you're away from home. It creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which, once activated, routes your internet traffic through your home ASUS router, no matter where you are in the world. 

When you use a VPN tunnel, all your data passes through the server. This is why using a third-party VPN service can be risky. With Instant Guard, you're in total control of your own server, making it the safest possible solution. All your data is encrypted, keeping your sensitive information private and secure from potential threats. This feature offers you an additional layer of protection for peace of mind when browsing on public networks.

5. Built-In Ookla Speedtest

The Built-In Ookla Speedtest on ASUS routers adds convenience and accuracy to testing your internet connection's speed. Famously reliable, Ookla Speedtest is integrated directly into the router's firmware, offering you real-time data on your connection speed within your LAN (Local Area Network), which is much more accurate than testing through a device connected wirelessly. Access this feature by following the steps below.

  • Open up ASUS router app
  • Go under “Settings > QoS > Internet Speed”
  • Select “Go” to start testing

Tapping into the unsung features of your ASUS router can certainly provide a useful edge to your everyday internet usage. These features are designed to add that extra bit of convenience, practicality, and security. Give them a try and squeeze some extra benefits out of your ASUS router. 

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