Why Should You Buy An Extendable Router?

Jacob King By Jacob King - May 19th, 2023
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If you’re on the hunt for a new router or looking to extend your WiFi coverage, an extendable router is an excellent solution that is highly worth considering! Unlike a regular router, or the combination of a regular router and a WiFi extender, this networking device offers greater flexibility, better coverage, future-proofing, customisation, and can even be more cost-effective. It does all the things a regular router offers and more, including the ability to be expanded or upgraded simply by adding another compatible unit (which will function as a node/satellite) to improve its features/functionality, coverage and performance. ASUS developed the first extendable router and AiMesh technology in 2017, so if you already have an ASUS router that you are looking to retire, there might be a chance you can repurpose it as a network node to strengthen your home WiFi!

Unlike WiFi extenders, extendable routers provide one single, seamless WiFi network for the entire home. It’s similar to a whole home Mesh WiFi solution, only without the larger upfront investment and it’s more customisable! ASUS extendable routers work with you and your current network needs - as a solution that is flexible and scalable, when it’s time to extend your network due to renovations or moving to a larger space, you can simply add another unit or AiMesh compatible device to the mix.

How does it work?

The key to all of this is AiMesh - an innovative feature that makes so many ASUS routers extendable. This technology allows AiMesh-compatible routers to be connected seamlessly, forming a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi network. It’s a flexible and scalable solution that enables you to mix different ASUS router models, so when it’s time to upgrade your network, there’s no need to get rid of your existing hardware or splash out hundreds on an entirely new system.

As your home or office expands, such as when renovating a basement or moving to a larger space, AiMesh provides an efficient way to extend your network coverage with ease. Whether it’s more coverage you need or new functionality, simply add another compatible router to your AiMesh network at any time. 

With AiMesh, you'll also benefit from easy management tools, comprehensive security, and a feature-rich set that enhances the overall functionality of your Wi-Fi system. This makes AiMesh an excellent choice for those looking to create a flexible, powerful, and reliable Wi-Fi network with expansion capabilities.

Why Should You Choose an Extendable Router?

More affordable upfront

Extendable routers are often more affordable upfront than a complete mesh Wi-Fi system, saving you money while providing the option to upgrade in the future if needed. In fact, if you already own an AiMesh compatible router, you can already extend it with your new investment. If your WiFi is suffering but you’ve been delaying buying new networking devices because of costs and/or you’re unsure if your needs will change down the line, an extendable router is an excellent solution for both of your concerns.

They’re scalable and customisable

A WiFi network built with an extendable router is scalable, meaning if you need to extend your coverage down the line due to renovations or moving to a larger space, you can simply add another unit to broaden your coverage and performance. Additionally, this also allows you to upgrade specific functionalities or add new features with each extendable router or compatible device you add onto your network.

Future-proof your network

Your network can effortlessly adapt to future WiFi technology! Most ASUS routers are extendable and feature AiMesh technology, including the upcoming world’s first WiFi 7 router. You can rest assured that these routers are compatible across WiFi generations. This means that if you decide to upgrade to a new standard, you can repurpose your older extendable routers as a network node, strengthening your home WiFi and not letting your old router go to waste.

More power and freedom

An extendable router gives you more power and freedom over your network. With the ability to mix and match between models (as of May 2023, 4G-AX56 is the only WiFi 6 and above model that has yet to receive AiMesh support but this will be updated soon), you can build your whole home network in whatever way suits your needs best. Perhaps you want to make one area of your home the ultimate gaming zone? Add an extendable gaming router to the mix to reap all the benefits of that! (However, take note that you should set the most powerful unit as the main router, as it will pass these features onto the other nodes.)

Additionally, you can make changes to router settings like any other standalone router. Extending your network coverage with a compatible extendable router does not interfere with any configurations or features available on other routers within the network. ASUS extendable routers are smart and have all the bells and whistles of any other MESH kit out there - with the additional capability of adding your own preference to how the Mesh system works. Learn more here. 

Rich and advanced features

It’s worth noting the rich and advanced features that are on offer with ASUS extendable routers. Some of these include:

  • Comprehensive VPN features: ASUS routers support PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and the latest WireGuard security protocol to enable a variety of VPN scenarios. With a built-in VPN server and VPN client, you can enjoy your favourite streaming services or games from anywhere.
  • Advanced Parental Controls: The advanced parental controls will let parents effortlessly monitor kids’ online activities, set reasonable limitations on their screen time, and even customise settings for each connected device all on one app.
  • Gaming Features: With an ASUS or ROG extendable gaming router, smartphone gamers will appreciate the seamless roaming experience, plus one-click Mobile Game Mode, which prioritises gaming traffic and optimises performance for a smoother gaming experience. Additionally, for competitive gamers, ASUS gaming routers optimise game traffic every step of the way for many types of gaming.

Should You Get an Extendable Router?

Even if you don’t need a mesh network or comprehensive and powerful WiFi coverage right now, if you’re on the hunt for a new router, an extendable router is still an excellent choice! It’ll cover your existing networking needs while providing you the option to easily upgrade or extend your WiFi down the line. You never know when your needs are going to change and an extendable router is a great way to ensure your network and devices are future-proof!

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose router, a gaming router, or an affordable option to get you started, ASUS has a great selection of options to choose from. Check these out below!

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