10 Useful Tech Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Ainsley McKay By Ainsley McKay - updated December 18th, 2023
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With new tech being released left, right and center, it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest tech at times. With popular tech products like new smartphones, TVs, headphones, and laptops making up most of the buzz, it can be easy to miss some of the smaller, more niche categories. Because of this, products that turn out to be super useful and convenient additions to our lives will fly under the radar for some time until we stumble across it or it's recommended by someone. This is one of those times! We've compiled a list of some cool and useful tech items that you didn't know you needed! 

Ninja BC100 Blast Portable Blender

Picture of Ninja BC100 Blast Portable Blender
Blend  up your smoothies in just 30 seconds.
Picture of Ninja BC100 Blast Portable Blender
Easy to carry handle perfect for on-the-go.

If you love drinking smoothies, you’ll love that you can easily have them wherever you go thanks to Ninja BC100 Blast Portable Blender. Whether you're at home, at work, at the gym, in the car, or on holiday, this lightweight, compact cordless blender is perfect for smoothies and protein shakes.The perks of having one of these instead of buying smoothies while you’re out is that you’ll save money in the long run and your smoothies will be so much healthier (seriously, the ones you buy at large chains are not as healthy as you think and often full of syrups, ice-cream, and other sugar laden additions).

The BC100 is super portable, designed with a easy-open sip lid and a carry handle. Despite it's portability, you'll be impressed by its power! The ribbed vessel creates a vortex while the durable, stainless steel BlastBlade Assembly blasts through ice and frozen ingredients, blitzing up your smoothies in just 30 seconds. You'll get about 15 blends on a single charge. When it comes time to re-charge, this can be done so easily using a USB-C cable. A full re-charge takes roughly 2 hours. 

Bebird X17 Pro & Note3 Pro Smart Ear Cleaner

Do you ever find yourself on the weird side of YouTube watching gross ear wax removal videos yet finding them weirdly satisfying? Well, now you can watch them in real time! Or if you’re just a normal person who likes to have clean ears, this is for you too… Using Q-tips in your ears can actually make your earwax worse as it pushes ear wax further in, clogging your ear canal over time. Bebird’s X17 Pro and Note3 Pro Smart Ear Cleaner provides a safer and more effective way to clear out your ear wax.

The Bebird features an HD Camera which wirelessly streams a full view of your ear to your phone as you safely remove ear wax with the silicone scoop. The Note3 captures more with 10MP and a 14mm lens focal length, compared to the X17 Pro’s 3MP and 3.5mm lens focal length. Both feature a 6pc LED light, a super sensitive sensor, and a 6-axis intelligent gyroscope for accurate, fast, and stable ear picking. Both come with 12 different ear spoons to choose from but the Note3 Pro also includes an option to use robotic arm tweezers to pick out ear wax with more precision.

PetKit PURA MAX Smart LitterBox

If you have a poop-eating dog around the house, you’re frequently away from home, or you simply like to make your life easier, a smart self-cleaning litter box sounds like something you need. The PetKit Pura Max Litter Box is a 76L large cylinder that is spacious enough for any cat. A covered construction provides your cat privacy while it’s doing its business, reduces odours, and keeps litter or waste from going everywhere if your cat tends to make a mess. 

The self-cleaning litter box works by filtering away any clumps to the all-sealed waste draw (which can hold up to 15 days of waste and completely traps odour). Using the PETKIT app, you can choose whether you want it to clean the litter automatically (as soon as your cat exits), on a schedule, or manually. The app even provides real-time health tracking and keeps track of your cat’s weight, usage frequency, and duration. Additionally, the litter box comes with the Pura Air Smart Spray that further reduces odour while providing up to 99% sterilisation. It’s compatible with all kinds of litter whether that’s clay litter, tofu litter or mixed litter!

Brilliant Smart WiFi Plug with USB Charger

Picture of House with lights on
Schedule lamps when you're on holiday to create the appearance someone is home.
Picture of electric heater
Turn your heaters on/off from bed or schedule them to turn on at a certain time.

The Brilliant Smart WiFi Plug with USB Charger is more than just a plug; it's a ticket to an easier, smarter life. Essentially, this nifty gadget allows you to control and schedule any electronic device connected to it, right from your smartphone. Forgot to switch off the coffee machine? On holiday and want to turn on the lamps for security? No sweat, the app control feature has got your back! Simplicity personified. It's not just about switching things on and off, though. It includes timer control, meaning you can schedule your lights, fan, heater, electric blanket or coffee machine to turn on and off at set times. Imagine waking up to your home smelling of fresh coffee every morning - pure bliss! This device also features a convenient built-in USB port so you can charge your phone or tablet without occupying another wall socket. As for installation - it’s quick and easy. No need for hubs or subscriptions, just connect it to your WiFi network, download the free 'BrilliantSmart' app on your phone, and you're all set. It's also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free control and smart scenes. The Brilliant Smart WiFi Plug brings automation and convenience into your home, making it a hidden gem in the tech world!

Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum S10

If you love clean floors but hate vacuuming, then you need a robot vacuum cleaner! These nifty tech friends will leave your floor looking spotless with little to no effort on your part. In fact, you can simply set a regular cleaning schedule from an app to have it clean up after you day after day, or you can get it going with the tap of a button. The Mi Smart Robot Vacuum S10 is a great choice and it doesn’t just vacuum, it also mops. With three levels of water flow levels, it'll thoroughly mop your floors all throughout your home.

Thanks to the next generation LDS laser navigation system, the S10 does a pretty efficient and accurate job. The system scans and maps the complex environment of your home to plan the robot’s cleaning route. Even the darkness of the night won’t stop the vacuum from navigating accurately. It can even map out multiple floors and follow customised settings for different rooms. When the robot is done cleaning, it’ll return itself to the charging dock so it’s always ready to go.

Yeelight 1S Smart LED RGB Light Bulb

Yeelight W3 Smart RGB LED Light Bulb
Set the mood or atmosphere for your environment
Yeelight W3 Smart RGB LED Light Bulb - Yeelight App
Light settings can be adjusted via the Yeelight app

Smart LED Light Bulbs are an awesome way to change up the mood and atmosphere of your environment, as well as add a whole lot of convenience to your day. Yeelight 1S WiFi LED RGB Smart Light Bulb lets you choose from 16 million colours to personalise your lighting scenes. Alternatively, you can also opt for the pre-set modes such as movie mode, reading mode, romantic mode, or party mode. This can be done from the Yeelight app, where you have a whole lot of other controls too. You can dim the lights, adjust the colour temperature, turn the lights on/off and more - all from your phone! If you have a smart assistant such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can even make changes with a simple voice command such as, “Hey Alexa, dim the lights!”

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love the immersive gaming experience a 1S Light Bulb can add with seamless integration with major gaming platforms, including Razer Chroma™ RGB and Overworlf. Your different lighting effects will be triggered by game events! You can enjoy wicked lighting effects when you’re listening to music too. Experience changing colours of light flowing smoothly with music or have them strobe to the beat of your favourite tunes! Just a warning though, once you’ve experienced the fun and convenience of a Smart LED Light Bulb, you’re probably going to want to swap all of your light bulbs over to these!

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Ninja Foodie AF160 Air Fryer
Ninja Foodie AF160 5.2L - Suitable for up to 5 people
Ninja Foodie AF400 XXXL Air Frye
Ninja Foodi 9.5L - Suitable for up to 10 people

What Air Fryer owner do you know who doesn’t love their Air Fryer? Yeah, yeah, it sounds like a gimmick at first - that’s what we all thought! But once you’ve owned one, you’ll never think of an airfryer the same again, especially if you like the idea of low effort cooking. For example, you can make roasted potatoes in half the time it would take in the oven and they turn out crispier! And yes, those crispy chicken wings you throw in will actually have that satisfying crisp, but less greasy than when cooked in a deep fryer and less soggy than in an oven. You’ll eventually realise it’s capable of doing way more than you originally thought and you’ll enter the experimentation phase of trying everything in there!

The Ninja Foodi AF160 is a great choice for most households. At 5.2L, it's large enough to prepare large portions and/or meals for up to 5 people. It even offers auto-settings for reheating, dehydrating, baking, and roasting. Its temperature range is 40 to 240°C offering a great range of control and versatility. If you have a larger household or want the convenience of cooking two different things at the same time, we highly recommend considering a Dual Zone Air Fryer like the Ninja Foodi XXXL AF400 Dual Zone Air Fryer! With two seperate drawers, you could cook a batch of potato chips on one side and chicken wings on the other side at the same time with unique settings. Plus, it has a huge capacity of 9.5L (4.2L per drawer)! This adds a whole new layer of convenience to Air Frying!

PetKit Fresh Element Solo Smart Pet Feeder

Petkit Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder
Fill the compartment with kibble or freeze-dried food.
Petkit Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder
Dispenses fresh kibble to please to fussiest cats.

Next up we’ve got two products that go hand-in-hand to keep your pet fed and healthy. The first is PetKit’s Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder that helps to ensure a healthy and regular diet for your cat or dog. Fill up the compartment with kibble or freeze-dried food, and remotely feed your pet from anywhere (either manually or you can set a schedule). This is perfect if you have a fussy cat that won’t eat kibble that’s been sitting around for a while or if you’re going away for up to 15 days and have no one around to feed your cat. A duo-lock system keeps the food fresh and an enhanced impeller and dispenser chute ensures food never gets stuck. There’s even a backup power supply in case there’s a power outage! This will be extremely useful if you’re frequently on work trips or away from home and need to ensure your pet is taken care of.

PetKit Eversweet Water Bottle

PetKit EverSweet Pet Water Bottle
PetKit's award-winning pet water bottle is perfect for keeping your pet hydrated on walks
PetKit Eversweet Water Bottle
Portable, leak-proof and boasting 400ml capacity.

If you frequently go for long walks or hikes with your pet, this one's a must-have! PetKit’s award-winning Eversweet Drinking Water Bottle is perfect for keeping your pets hydrated while out and about. This clever gadget is all about fresh and clean water for your pets, available anytime, anywhere. Its design features a built-in filter that ensures your pets get to sip only the cleanest water, even on the go. The Eversweet Drinking Water Bottle sports a one-click design so you can easily unlock or lock the water. To use it, simply press and hold the water key to feed water (turn to left), release to stop the water, and turn to the right to lock it back up. Portable, leak-proof and boasting a generous capacity of 400ml, it’s a perfect companion for trips to the park, beach or any outdoor adventures with your beloved pet. PetKit's Eversweet Drinking Water Bottle is a blend of style, convenience, and cutting-edge tech aimed to keep your pets hydrated the healthy way. Plus, it’s BPA free, lead-free, FDA-approved and is made from antiseptic material.

Just when you thought you had everything you needed, this article appeared! We hope this helped you find some useful new tech items that'll make your life a little bit easier and more convenient. To browse our full range of cool and useful tech items, head over to PB Tech to explore!

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