New Intel 14th Gen range releases in NZ!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 9th, 2024
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The full range of Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPU are available now in New Zealand, with new Core i3, i5, i7 & i9 options with/without integrated graphics! These new processors offer excellent value and each includes a CPU cooler in the box. You can shop the new range in the Intel Store, or within the Custom Gaming PC Online Builder Tool along with a range compatible motherboards, RAM and cooling options.

For those who are building a whole new system, you'll be happy to hear that these Intel 14th Gen CPU options also bring with them an exciting assortment of new-look motherboards on the B760 & Z790 chipset and these use the same LGA-1700 socket type as previous, so the range of cooling options available on day one is excellent. A series of new BIOS updates for many of the existing 600/700 series motherboards have begun to be released too - such great news for those wanting to upgrade!

Intel 14th Gen Essentials...

  • The 14th Gen Intel i3-13400, i5-14400, i7-14700 & i9-14900 CPU work great with the latest B760 Motherboards, those marked with ‘K’ & ‘KF’ CPU work best with Z790 Motherboards, if you are already using a 13th Gen Intel CPU with your current motherboard be sure to check for the 14th Gen BIOS updates before upgrading.
  • The RAM you will use depends on your chosen motherboard, Intel 14th gen desktop CPU supports XMP overclocking with either DDR4/DDR5 RAM Kits, which DDR version will depend on the specific motherboard.
  • Many Intel 14th Gen CPU come with integrated graphics, those without integrated graphics are labelled 'F' or 'KF'.
  • No 14th Gen Intel Core marked with 'K' or 'KF' comes with a CPU cooler in the box, the others come with an Intel stock cooler.

The new CPU series is a good one for many reasons, starting with the best stuff, the Intel 14th Gen builds on the success of 13th gen which was the most versatile generation of Intel mainstream desktop processors to date. So if you're looking for an uncompromised experience in-game, along with the performance headroom for smooth live streaming or on-the-fly highlights recording and editing, this new generation of Intel CPU is a part of the system you'll be building.

The new i3-14100, i5-14500, i7-14700 and i9-14900 options in this second stage of the 14th gen release feature integrated graphics for PC enthusiasts who enjoy the all-in-one design. Unlike the recently released 'K' or 'KF' which did not include a CPU cooler, these latest options all include an Intel Laminar Cooler in the box!

Picture of 14th gen Intel Core i5-14600K at Hardwired News NZ
The new i5-14600K offers impressive performance per dollar
Picture of 14th gen Intel Core i7-14700K at Hardwired News NZ
Likely the most popular in the new range, the 14th Gen i7-14700K is very high performance
Picture of 14th gen Intel Core i9-14900K at Hardwired News NZ
The monster i9-14900K is ready for the most demanding workloads (or gameloads) you can throw at it!

Looking closer at the top tier in the Intel 14th Gen unlocked "K" series we have the exceptional i9-14900K - which is likely going to be the most popular of the i9 options for cutting-edge game streaming PC builds that'll utilise additional dedicated graphics cards for ultra gaming while still using the integrated UHD 770 graphics within the 14th gen CPU to assist with streaming. Intel's performance hybrid architecture integrates the different core families into a single CPU, keeping everything you’re into running smoothly. A combination of performance cores and efficient cores work to enhance your gaming performance while minimising interruptions from secondary tasks.

Users get to enjoy all the benefits that come with the hybrid design, along with all the connected component options including the fastest wireless and storage, and that makes this beastly new unlocked CPU a top choice for those wanting to build best PC they can. Although it’s a very similar design, we can still find some small differences when comparing the current i9-13900K CPU with its max turbo at 5.8GHz VS the new i9-14900K pushing that to 6.0Ghz.

The most affordable option in this first wave of unlocked 14th Gen CPU looks to be the new i5-14600KF with 14 core(s) of awesomeness inside, Just as the "K" symbolises the unlocked overclocking potential of the CPU the "F" marks the removal of the integrated graphics - so the price is excellent! For a high-end gamer on a budget, this is likely going to be the go-to CPU to use now.

Unlike previous Intel CPU launches there isn't a new motherboard series, so we have a massive range of new Z790 motherboards available on day one in a range of colours, feature sets and styles to suit, as well as a few new Z790 options from Gigabyte and ASUS.

As we mentioned above, with the new Z790 series and an Intel 14th Gen 'K' or 'KF' CPU you can overclock compatible DDR4 RAM easily to enjoy faster speeds, and this is much easier than overlocking a CPU or GPU thanks to Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP). In order to use XMP the RAM must adhere to standard speeds set by Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC). So even if you buy RAM advertised at 3600MHz, it won't be able to run at those speeds unless you insert it into a motherboard that's ready for it.

DDR5 RAM is the most recent generation of desktop RAM kits supported by a select range of Z690 & Z790 motherboards with an Intel 14th Gen CPU. Even at stock speed, DDR5 is extremely fast, with unparalleled data transfer speeds compared to the previous generation DDR4. The range of DDR5 RAM kits available to choose from has continued to increase, adding new value DDR5 RAM options from Crucial and bright RGB lighting with Kingston FURY.

Woah, that got a bit technical at times but it's all looking GOOD! This is just a part of the new range too, so we'll keep adding all the new products to this page as they arrive and also into the brand stores for each motherboard manufacturer, Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock & MSI - so be sure to keep your eyes on the mighty Intel Store for more of the latest!

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Great article, thanks. I'm still humming and haring about whether to upgrade my current i9 9900X / Rampage 6 Extreme MB / 128GB DDR4 3600 / RTX 2080 / SSD 980's to the new: i9 14th Gen 14900K CPU / Maximus Dark Hero MB / GSKILL DDR5 7600 128GB / 3 X SSD 990 PRO's / 1200WATT PS / RTX 4090 / OR wait! till the New Intel i9 CPU's arrive later this year with the new AI Chip in it. Which will have new MotherBoards. My gut is telling me to wait till later this year so I can advantage of the New Tech coming, otherwise I am still Buying Old tech if I buy now with the 14th Gen. And lets face it, the 14th Gen i9 are only a few % percent faster, but hotter and it is old tech now with the new AI Chips coming out; What would you do HW? Thanks Kiwi EDIT: I am Not an Over Clocker or Gamer, I am a graphic Designer working from home

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29 days ago Reply Report

Ben B (Head Office)

Hey Kevin, if you manage a large asset library I'd recommend waiting for the new i9, that Ai accelerator could help with local searches a lot. Cloud-based library and generative image wise I'm unsure what'll happen, so I'd be comfortable upgrading to a 14th gen i9 / 4090 today.

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25 days ago Reply Report