The Top Cameras for Beginners of 2022

Korgan Lee By Korgan Lee - April 28th, 2022
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Have you ever wanted to get into the world of photography but were not sure where to start? The best camera for newcomers will be a camera that’s easy to use, with the ability to change lenses to help you capture that perfect shot.

Getting your first camera is the first step into your new photography/videography adventure. Having a dedicated camera comes with many advantages over say your daily smartphone, such as things like ergonomics, separate battery and the overall quality of images and videos themselves.

There’s always a big ongoing debate about whether getting a DSLR or a mirrorless camera is better, either choice is a great opportunity to get you started on your journey and we’ve included both in our article to help you out on your first camera.

DSLR cameras are bigger and heavier than a mirrorless camera but it does come with better battery life. They are normally cheaper to buy with a massive selection of lenses and accessories to choose from. Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter which makes them more compact to carry around and more ideal for video and vlogging.

Canon 3000D

A picture of the front of the Canon 3000D.
A picture of the top of the Canon 3000D

The Canon 3000D is a neat little DSLR camera with all the basic functions to get you into photography. It has an 18MP sensor and DIGIC 4+ processor along with 9 AF points and an easy to navigate button layout.

While this may not have all the latest things like Bluetooth or 4K video this lightweight 3000D has a strong battery life and solid image quality, which allows you to focus more on photography rather than videos.

Canon EOS M50 MK II

A picture of the front of the Canon EOS M50 MK II
A picture of the top of the Canon EOS M50 MK II

The Canon EOS M50 Mark II is an APS-C mirrorless camera which is extremely lightweight and compact. It has a very user-friendly menu system which is intuitive and includes a guide to walk you through the settings and features.

It has 24.1MP and 99 AF points which delivers fantastic image quality, great dynamic range and supports 1080p and 4K video. Pair your camera to your mobile device using the Canon Camera Connect app, allowing you to shoot remotely or transfer images to your phone.

Using Canon’s latest RF lenses the EOS M50 Mark II can also access Canon’s previous EF range of lenses thanks to the EF-RF Adapter giving you more options on choices for lenses.

Nikon Z50

A picture of the front of the Nikon Z50.
A picture of the top of the Nikon Z50.

The Nikon Z50 has an APS-C sensor as well as a mirrorless body, it has a good grip with neat external control dials. With 20.9MP and 209 AF points, a fast Hybrid-AF system which is the same AF system the Nikon full-frame Z cameras use.

The Z50 features an electronic viewfinder, featuring a tilting touchscreen flip by 180 degrees that sits below the camera. It’s extremely ideal for vlogging and selfies as it can record in non-cropped 4K video at 30p and FHD slow motion with audio.

Using the FTZ Mount Adapter on the Z50 allows you to use lenses from the F-mount series from Nikon, allowing for more lens options to choose from.

Sony A6400

A picture of the front of the Sony A6400.
A picture of the top of the Sony A6400.

The Sony a6400 is an APS-C mirrorless camera. With amazing image quality and 24.2MP this compact camera takes beautiful crisp images, and its ability to deliver impressive video quality in both FHD and 4K.

The a6400 is extremely lightweight and equipped with an outstanding autofocus system that can track subjects on the move with ease, helping you keep your shot in focus. Its minimum shutter speed makes it suitable for long-exposure shots which is perfect for those Astro and Landscape photos!

It’s a sturdy small camera being weather-sealed and comfortable to use, with a touchscreen that flips out and rotates allowing you to vlog or blog on the go.

Canon EOS RP

A picture of the front of the Canon EOS RP.
A picture of the top of the Canon EOS RP.

The EOS RP is a full-frame mirrorless camera, which offers astonishing image quality, being full-frame it keeps the noise and graininess of photos to a minimum even when shooting in the dark or at high ISO levels.

It’s comfortable, built with an exceptional autofocus system and offers an incredible amount of AF points of 4779. The EOS RP makes use of Canon’s latest range of RF lenses but, thanks to the EF-RF adapter you can make use of all the EF lenses used on Canon’s DSLR cameras.

The LCD screen can be flipped round to film vlogs and selfies as well as to capture 4K and FHD footage.

So there you have it, hopefully that gets you excited to delve into the wonders of photography! If you're after something in particular, check out the full range of cameras at PB Tech. If you want to find a group of passionate photographers to share your progress with, make sure to join Photo Booth - Powered By PB Tech Group on Facebook!

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