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Danielle Kim By Danielle Kim - updated February 15th, 2024
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If you've got your eye on an iPad but can't quite zero in on the right model, you've come to the right place. Whether you're drawn to the high-octane Pro or the ultra-portable Mini, our guide is about to make your decision a lot easier. When it comes to tablets, Apple's line up of iPads is seriously hard to beat. With an array of models, sizes and even colours in the mix, there's one to fit every pocket and preference. Plus, they offer some pretty impressive specs and performance too. The iPad that's going to click with you really boils down to the kind of stuff you want to do with it. Let's take a look at some of the top models and who they would be best for!

Best for Portability - iPad Mini

Let's chat about the iPad Mini – small, sleek, yet still packing power! With a design that's a nod to the high-end Pro line, this little device packs a punch with the same A15 chip that turbocharges the latest iPhone lineup. But that's not all. With up to 256GB of storage capacity, you'll never have to worry about running out of space for your apps, photos or documents (and this can always be increased with an iCloud subscription too). Fast live-streaming and seamless browsing come easy thanks to its sleek 5G support. Charging speed won't be an issue either as it now supports USB-C, which achieves significantly faster charge times compared to its older counterparts.

It's equipped with a 12MP wide camera and Center Stage tech that keeps you in focus even if you move. It maxes out the creative factor with Apple Pencil (2nd generation) support, setting new standards for compact iPads. This iPad might feel a bit snug if you're into design and pro graphics, but those 8.3 inches of screen space is well-equipped to handle more than just your daily browsing. Whether you need to jot down notes, figure out your route on a map, or fire off a speedy iMessage, this mini but mighty device will do it with ease. So, you're after easy portability without breaking the bank? Look no further. Thanks to 10-hours of battery life and a vibrant liquid retina display, the iPad Mini can be your trusty sidekick for everyday tasks and then some. 

Best for Most People - iPad Air

A blend of power, performance and price, the iPad Air is the ideal choice for most people out there, including students and working professionals. The 10.9 inch Liquid Retina display—with its P3 wide colour and True Tone features—provides a vibrant and crisp canvas for all your work, study, or leisure needs. Inside, it rocks Apple's revolutionary M1 chip, bringing along an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU, and up to 256GB of storage. And with features like 5G compatibility and Wi-Fi 6, the iPad Air ensures your online experiences are smooth and lightning-fast.

One of the best selling points is its user-friendly compatibility with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, transforming it into a portable workstation within seconds. Coupled with a highly efficient 12MP back camera and 7MP Facetime HD camera, it's also a great device for zoom calls and video conferences. Additionally, the iPad Air now boasts a USB-C port enabling faster charging and data transfer, alongside a robust battery lasting up to 10 hours. This makes it perfect for all-day productivity without continually hunting for power outlets.

What makes the iPad Air a go-to choice for most individuals is its powerful capabilities, housed in a compact and lightweight design, without the hefty price tag of the Pro line. It encapsulates everything that makes iPads great, including a fluid interface and premium user experience, while providing enough horsepower to handle most tasks efficiently. It's this perfect blend of price, performance, and features that make the iPad Air stand out as the crowd favourite.

Best for Power Users - iPad Pro

If you're a power user who thrives on performance and productivity, prepare to meet your match with the iPad Pro. Ultra-powerful, equipped with top-tier tech, and designed to empower, it's a workspace marvel ready to kick your productivity into overdrive. At the heart of the iPad Pro lies the powerful M2 chip. With an 8-core CPU and up to 12-core GPU, it provides unrivalled performance for anything from running complex software to conducting AI analysis. Together with the ProMotion technology, the iPad Pro promises a smoother, more responsive user experience, which is a big plus for artists and designers working with precision applications. For those who value visuals, the iPad Pro doesn't disappoint. 

The iPad Pro provide an impressive starting capacity of 128GB, extendable to 2TB, allowing for virtually limitless storage. Accompanied by 5G and Wi-Fi 6 support, your online experiences will be as seamless and speedy as possible. Now, let's not forget about the dual-lens camera system with LiDAR Scanner for augmented reality, brighter True Tone flash, the magic of Apple Pencil 2, and convenient compatibility with Magic Keyboard. Workflows are streamlined, notes come to life, and presentations become more engaging. To sum it up, the iPad Pro is the champion among iPads when it comes to hardcore performance, productivity, and versatility. While the price tag may be steeper compared to other models, for the tech-savvy, creative professional or business executive who seeks power, precision, and near limitless potential in a beautifully portable package—it's an investment that delivers great returns.

Best for Budget - iPad

If you're looking to step into the world of iPads without straining your wallet, then Apple's base model, the iPad, is the perfect entry point. Despite its affordability, the iPad hosts a nice blend of functionality and performance. Powered by the A14 Bionic chip, it delivers efficient performance that makes multitasking and everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, or staying connected with friends and family smooth sailing. It sports a bright and vivid 10.9-inch Retina display and is great for catching up on your favourite shows, online learning, or reading e-books. The display supports True Tone and Apple Pencil, catering to occasional note-taking, sketching, or even some light photo editing.

The base iPad offers a 12MP back camera and a 12MP ultrawide front camera, perfect for casual snappers or quality video calls. With up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s a reliable companion for a full day of work or play. Storage options stand at 64GB or 256GB. While the lower end may sound modest, it's more than ample for general users not requiring heavy-duty apps or massive media storage. Perhaps its biggest appeal is the compatibility with Smart Keyboard and other Bluetooth keyboards, that convert this device into a makeshift laptop, ideal for quick emails or assignments. In essence, the budget-friendly iPad, with its robust features and smart performance, is best tailored for students, casual users, or anyone new to the Apple ecosystem. 

If you're on the hunt for an iPad, or maybe a quality smartphone and laptop, check out the Apple brand page. If you want to look at a few other options before you pick, have a look at the full tablet range at PB Tech.

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