Handy Tech to Keep In Your Bag So You’re Ready for Work & the Weekend

Jacob King By Jacob King - updated December 8th, 2023
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Picture this - a fully-equipped bag: Your trusty companion loaded with a variety of tech essentials, ever ready to meet any demands thrown at it. Whether it's navigating through the work day, heading out for after-work networking, or enhancing your well-deserved weekend, the right tools are always at your disposal. Pack your day bag to skillfully balance both your professional requirements and personal interests with equal gusto. Are you ready to transform your typical purse or day bag into an efficient, multi-faceted hub? Here’s a selection of great tech products that make handy additions to any purse or day bag.

Power Bank - Xiaomi 10000mAh Fast Charging

Picture of Xiaomi 22.5W Fast Charging PowerBank - 10000mAh
Picture of Xiaomi 22.5W Fast Charging PowerBank - 10000mAh

A portable power bank is an essential piece of tech that you should keep in your bag. Never get that sinking feeling again when your phone is about to die and you realise you’ll be without charge for at least a few hours. A power bank is like your electronic lifeline, a beacon of hope in a sea of dying batteries and we're starting our pick with one that offers great value. Enter - the Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Fast Charging Power Bank. This tech-essential ensures your devices are far from running on empty. This sleek and compact device packs 10000mAh - enough to charge your phone up to 3 times. With its fast charging feature, it keeps your devices fueled up in a flash. It comes ready with dual USB ports enabling you to charge not one, but two gadgets simultaneously. The Power Bank is like that reliable friend who picks you up when you're low - quite literally!

Tablet - Apple iPad Air

Tablets serve the perfect balance of work and play, being both lightweight and powerful.  They may just be the 'Goldilocks' gadget you are looking for - not too big, not too small, and serving a host of functionalities just right for our dynamic lives. Among the myriad available, one tablet stands out and we believe worth reserving a spot for in your bag - the Apple iPad Air. Whether it is flipping through an investor's presentation or flipping the digital pages of a mystery novel, the iPad Air ensures both experiences are slick and enjoyable. The iPad Air flaunts a stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, providing a vibrant and sharp viewing experience. Packaged in an ultra-thin and lightweight design, it can effortlessly accompany you anywhere, ready at your whim to weave digital magic. Under that sleek exterior lies the advanced A14 Bionic chip, making swift work of everything from video editing to gaming. With second generation Apple Pencil compatibility, it's a creative force to be reckoned with - for light doodling or artistic ventures. Providing all-day battery life, it's poised to be a workhorse from dawn to dusk. 

Bluetooth Smart Tracker - AirTag, SmartTag2, Tile

Tile Tracker Slim.
Tile Tracker Mate.

Next we've selected a seemingly inconspicuous yet immensely helpful gadget: the Bluetooth smart tracker. These devices are the unassuming heroes we turn to when our belongings decide to play hide-and-no-longer-easy-to-seek. There are a number of different options that utilise different networks to help find your things. For those deep-rooted in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple AirTag is your go-to sidekick. The AirTag uses Apple's massive FindMy network to track down your belongings and allows for precise tracking. For Samsung Galaxy users, the Galaxy SmartTag2 is a better option. On a broader scope, we recommend considering the Tile tracker, a device that has established itself as a universal solution. It easily pairs with a wide array of devices, effectively monitoring any item you'd prefer not to misplace. Read more about our Top Bluetooth Smart Trackers.

Portable Speaker - Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

If your bag is big enough, this one is nice to have. Portable Bluetooth speakers, the life of any party or the provider of much-needed background music during a quiet, reflective evening. Now, do you know what happens when a portable speaker meets quality and supreme design? You’re left in the presence of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3. Claiming its rightful place in your bag, this compact speaker delivers clear and crisp 360-degree sound. We believe soundtracks accompany life's experiences, and the Wonderboom 3 ensures none of them are unheard. Thanks to its battery life of up to 10 hours, you have a long-lasting musical companion, powering you through multiple albums or even an audiobook marathon! The Wonderboom 3 is sturdily scaled for all adventures. Waterproof? Check. Dust-resistant? Absolutely. Drop-proof? You bet. With Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 in your bag, you've got a soundtrack to your life that's ready to play anytime, anywhere.

Headphones - Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear

Picture of Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear Earbuds
OpenFit doesn't make contact with your ear canals making it more hygienic
Picture of Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear Earbuds
Perfect to wear at home, in the office and even during workouts

Listening to music out loud on a speaker is not always appropriate so it's handy to have a pair of headphones on you. But perhaps you don't like having things in your ears or you want to stay aware of your surroundings? Don't worry - we have the solution for you! Standing out prominently here are the Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear Headphones. These headphones meld sound, design, and technology in a symphony of compromise-free listening. Their standout feature is the open-ear design, an innovation keeping your ears unobstructed, so you're in touch with your surroundings even while indulging in your favourite podcast or playlist. It's an audio experience that respects your need to stay tuned in to the world around you. Adding to this headphone's robust profile is premium audio quality, a lightweight secure fit, OpenBass Technology, and its AI call noise cancellation. AI noise cancellation cleverly filters out all the background rumble, offering clear calls wherever you are. 

Cables - USB-Type C

Let's focus on a crucial, but often undervalued item - cables.  When there is a device running low on power or a sudden need to connect some gadgets, their indispensability shines through. The star of the show in most cases is the USB-Type C cable. This versatile connector has quickly become the standard in the tech industry, gracing a wide gamut of devices ranging from laptops to tablets, and even smartphones. Housing the ability to carry power and data concurrently, Type-C cables have truly earned their place in your bag as trusty lifelines, always ready to leap into action. If you're an Apple user, you're going to have to need an extra cable - the lightning cable. This will be the lifeline for your iPhones, iPads, and iPods, ensuring your devices remain powered up and ready for action. So, in your bag nestled amongst your gadgets, make room for these handy cables.

These handy tech gadgets make great addition to every go bag. What other tech products do you keep in your go bag? Head over to PB Tech to shop for more great tech products!

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