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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 1st, 2020
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UGears is a new arrival to the toys, hobbies & STEM category range, and if you like 3D puzzles, mechanised models with rubberband engines and the like, this is one (or many) for you!

The models are designed with eco-friendly materials and have a cosey woodsy scent that greets you when you open the package. Worry not about the need to purchase extra tools; the kits come with everything that you need - you will not need to use glue or any other adhesive in when assembling the model, simple press the pieces to release them from the sprue, and connect them to create a completely functional model.

Starting off with a closer look at a fan favourite - the UGears Steampunk Clock.

Steampunk is famous for its retro futuristic styling, often with a gear heavy combination of practical mechanics and historic power sources that come together in a rather fashionable way.

In the spirit of steampunk, this beautiful Clock combines a love for both science and mechanics and if you are new to UGears, this may be the best place for you to start. While it may offer you a challenge, it only takes about one hour to construct. In terms of the level of difficulty, it is considered easy to assemble.

This model imitates a clock, and it is a beautiful, intricately designed imitation with a delicate body. It contains a mechanism that provides motion to the gears and allows for movement of the clock hands. Once built, this model will contain floral designs, stars, the sun and the moon. These beautiful lace-like ornaments will add a unique flair to your desk, table or wherever you plan to display the model as a centerpiece.

Another point of interest is the implementation of the asynchronous clock hands. Each hand moves at its own pace while sitting upon the same axle. This creates a point of interest and a curious visual element that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Picture of Steampunk Clock uGears Model

The UGear Steampunk Clock is a wonderful model, and such a good place to start, but there many more options in the range to tempt you with!

The UGear Tower Windmill was originally a kick starter exclusive. It is an elaborately designed, intricate and well-crafted mechanical model kit, especially suited to those with interests history and literature enthusiasts alike as it was inspired by a real, seventeenth-century mill in Chesterton, England, owned by Sir Edward Peyton, an English landowner and politician.

This vertical windmill-based puzzle speaks to a faraway time and place, you'll love assembling this masterpiece, and when you see how the parts fit perfectly together

This Tower Windmill model kit is devised so that a quick turn of the main tower column causes the aerodynamic sails to spin, generating wind. An applied outside wind source can also turn the sails to provide not only long-lasting entertainment but also a unique insight and discussion of the inner workings of an actual windmill. You can remove the rubber-band motor that powers the model to closely observe the mechanics when the windmill is rotated manually. The mechanism is based on a double planetary gear configuration. In such an arrangement, gears are mounted so they revolve around the center of another gear through the use of a carrier. In this complex arrangement, gear motion propels the sails to move.

Due to the open architectural design of the main column, you can see the various gears connecting and working together to translate the rotation of the tower to that of the sails. The UGears Tower Windmill enriches learning as well as generating enjoyment.

The Tower Windmill model kit includes two mounted figurines that are inspired by the characters from Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel, "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha." Don Quixote is armed with a joust on a mounted steed, while his faithful servant Sancho rides a donkey.

Once the tower windmill is complete, let your imagination run free by reenacting scenes from the novel or creating your own new adventure.

This next one is a two-parter, the first model being the UGears Heavy Boy Truck and the next being a trailer for it - ideal for transporting teddy.

The UGears Heavy Boy Truck model kit is a fully functioning vehicle. The wind-up truck uses a rubber band-based motor with an R6 engine that allows it to drive up to 16 feet with a single crank!

Picture of UGear Truck wooden model kit

A working transmission system provides movement that can go forward or backward, or you can idle it to get a good look at the inner workings in motion. When you do decide you want your model to move, use the front-sprung wheels and working steering wheel to choose the direction you want it to go. The traditional hitch system connects your tractor and trailer together, just like the real thing.

The aesthetic appeal of the UGears Heavy Boy Truck leaves little to be desired either. The robust long-hauler truck features a detailed design that recreates all the elements you've come to expect in a real-life tractor-trailer rig. You get see everything going on inside your working model, and large pipes, two sets of side mirrors, and the realistic hitch system ensure its authenticity when it comes to looks.

There are fine details to these model kits too, the tractor features a ladder to the cabin, a sleep station, and even a television set. In the back, you'll find a shovel and a gas can. Even the license plates are made with extreme attention to detail, and everything is created with a high-grade wood that was laser-cut for precision.

The UGears Heavy Boy Truck model kit is an excellent choice for hobbyists who are experienced at building models or who want to start taking time on longer projects - it includes 541 separate parts and takes about 8 or 9 hours to build.

These are just some of the kits available for order today, check out the full range of UGear in wooden model kits today!

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Looks awesome, keen to try building one.

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they're smaller than I thought, still fun though!

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