New Philips 4K 120Hz Monitor with Integrated Soundbar - Coming to NZ this December!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 1st, 2020
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Philips has a new 4K monitor and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, with a massive integrated soundbar for an amazing gaming and/or home theatre experience.

This Philips 558M1RY/75 55" 4K Gaming Display sports a very crisp 4K resolution that’s DisplayHDR 1000 certified, ideal for PC gamer with the latest generation of graphics cards. It’s capable of reaching a blisteringly 120Hz, but it’s important to note that you cannot reach the full speed 120Hz at 3840x2160 native resolution unless you connect via DisplayPort. That said, set it to 2560x1440 and HDMI can handle the high FPS gaming too.

Once 120Hz is enabled, keeping your sights on fast enemy movement is no problem, the ultra-smooth motion makes it easy to target them, plus, with ultra-low input lag and no screen tearing thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium Pro it ensures smooth gaming while at peak performance.

SmartImage HDR gives an array of modes to best suit what you’re watching.

  • HDR Game: Optimize for playing video games. With brighter white and darker black, the gaming scene is vivid and reveals more details, easily spot enemies hiding in dark corners and shadows.
  • HDR Movie: Ideal for watching HDR movies. Deliver better contrast and brightness for a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.
  • HDR Photo: Enhance reds, greens, and blues for lively visuals.

Philips is now well-known for their Ambiglow feature, first made popular by their high end TV range, and this adds to your attractiveness of the gaming setup by creating a halo of light from back the monitor and lighting up the wall behind for a spectacular effect. This isn’t a random light show, the Philips monitor analyses the incoming image content and continuously adapts the colour and brightness of the emitted light to match the image being displayed on screen - it’s quite wonderful!

Now, back to the sound!

This Philips display has a large, powerful soundbar with DT and 2.1 channel sound integrated into the stand design. Philips has partnered with the legendary engineers at Bowers and Wilkins to create speakers that include built-in woofer, mid-range drivers, and high-range tweeters.

There are six ‘sound modes’ which you can use to quickly optimise the speakers to what you’re doing, be it various types of gaming, watching movies or listening to tunes.

  • Shooting and Action: Experience punchy, impactful sound for maximum excitement and realism.
  • Sport & Racing: Create a realistic, being-there experience when enjoying sports or racing games.
  • RPG and Adventure: Immersive yourself in spacious and atmospheric sound.
  • Movie Watching: Enhance movie soundtracks for an immersive, cinematic listening experience.
  • Music: True Sound by Bowers & Wilkins, delivering the performance as the artist intended.
  • Personal: Access the EQ menu to adjust the sound to your specific requirements.

Great sound is a given, but Philips have also dressed to impress and the soundbar on this Philips display is covered with a premium speaker fabric created by high-end manufacturer Kvadrat. This beautiful wool-blend material is acoustically transparent, allowing every scintillating detail to flow freely from the speaker into the room.

Looking for a MASSIVE 55” Gaming Monitor with really BIG sound? Be sure to check out the Philips Momentum 558M1RY/75 55" 4K Gaming Display when shopping the 4K Monitor range!

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