How to Enhance your PS5 Experience

Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated October 19th, 2020
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It has been said that this new generation of consoles marks the biggest generational leap ever (we’re talking greater maybe than the step-up from 2D to 3D!), so it’s no surprise that PlayStation has made sure to show that with their accessories. All of these seem well designed to compliment the PS5, and have plenty of thought placed behind them as to how they can elevate it. The list of new features are pretty long, but we’ll do our best to cover them here.

New Dualsense controller

Although it maintains a similar layout to previous generations of PlayStation controllers, it’s a lot more than just the colouring that has changed! Some smaller, quality of life, improvements can be seen in the built-in microphone. Letting you chat to your mates in-game without a headset. There's also the create button, it’s taking over from the share button, but with more options. The bigger features are haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Haptic feedback is taking over from the controller rumble that was previously just there to let you know something was happening. It has been turned into a far more tactile experience through the use of dual actuators. These dual actuators offer far more precise, dynamic vibrations, meaning you’ll be able to feel anything from weapon recoil to the ground under your character's feet.

Adaptive Triggers are also looking to lift your gaming experience. The obvious use for this is enhancing driving games. I’m sure this will intensify Gran Turismo 7, but Sony mentions other uses, such as increasing resistance when drawing a bowstring. In any case, these two features are the defining traits that Sony is marketing their new Dualsense controller with.

Picture showing Haptic Feedback on the PS5 controller
The Haptic Feedback lets you feel anything from gunshots to footsteps
Picture showing Adaptive Triggers on the PS5 controller
The Adaptive Triggers let you feel the resistance of your brake pedal or bowstring

PULSE 3D™ Wireless Headset

PS5 is utilising Tempest 3D AudioTech, immersing you in the virtual world, with sounds coming from every direction. This new technology can be fine-tuned to work best for your individual ears, giving you the best performance possible. It has two hidden microphones, with noise-canceling, to help you talk tactics, as well as easy-access controls so you can change the headset's performance on the fly. Finally, the Bluetooth adapter and the 3.5mm jack give these headphones great versatility for a gaming headset.

PS5 HD Camera

With the rise in popularity of streaming, more people are looking for ways to get their face and gameplay to as many people as possible. The HD camera plans to cater for that, with dual wide-angle lenses, able to share at a moments notice by pressing the new ‘Create’ button on the Dualsense controller. It also comes with a stand that keeps it either above or below your TV, and then allowing for micro-adjustments to get as much as you need in frame. The final feature is the background removal tool, placing you in the heart of the recorded action without the need for green screens or other complicated setups. 

PS5 Media Remote

This will help turn your PS5 into the ultimate media consumption machine. You’ll be able to turn your console on with the remote, as well as the expected built built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse buttons. You’ll even be able to control compatible TVs with the remote!

PS VR, Now and the Future

Sony has confirmed support for the PS VR on the PS5. So if you are still using the standard PS4, you’ll be able to experience your PS VR with upgraded Pro graphics. There is also the potential for developers to add a future update to take full advantage of all the capabilities PlayStation is bringing to the PS5.

Sony has been filing a few patents that seem to be hinting towards a decent amount of R&D into a potential PS VR 2. Taking inspiration from the success of the VR medium in recent years, things like finger tracking and wireless headsets look like they may be on the cards.

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